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Mar 29, 2008
I thought those who've joined the forum in more recent months might like to have a little background on the Phenomenal Forum Follies (alliteration here by sound, if not spelling)

This post is just a jumping off place for others to contribute to.

.... Now, about the word "undulating" which appears very regularly in the scripts (notice I did not say "plots" as these seem to be optional.)

This started with our very first follies, before it was the follies. A wonderful little production started by Glen on 25 July, 09. The thread title is Robin Hood, and its well worth searching for. Maybe Al can transfer it over to this forum, I tried to copy the link but it didn't work

Here is an excerpt:
{Glen} Hmmm ... where in this script does it say that Rose would be under Beth in the study ? This is Robin Hood , not a clue board game. But the mental picture isn't all that bad. Does undulating happen here ?

{Beth} Undulating happens everywhere, Glen.

Then.... why, oh why, is Zaphoon, who's given name actually is Kim, referred to as PZ? ...Well, I've searched trying to find where it started, and it eludes me. Best as I recall, Zaphoon mentioned a physical he'd had, Lydia took it to mean a "Physical Zaphoon" and she proceeded to ask what a physical zaphoon was, and somehow that got shortened to just PZ. If someone else remembers better, please make sure to post it.
This is a quote from Beth, over on duplicate subject thread:

Re: A Chairside Companion, the Follies Reference Source
Ah, yes, the heavy-breasted, sorry, I mean heavy-breathing undulating mob of women ...

Actually, I think undulating goes back to the first Forum Folly ... PZ's trip to the twitching ward of the local hospital, where he was buried under a pile of undulating nurses trying (unsuccessfully) to squeeze the twitches out of him. Rose, I believe you were on top of the pile, in a little French nurse's outfit, with torn net stockings and spike heels
Undulating is in the current follies now:smile::smile::smile:
Peter , you should know that they are not follies without the undulating.
I have yet to read a "Follies" that did not have undulating in it. Everything and anything can undulate in a "Folly".

I just LOVE the Follies! Is it possible to put ALL the Follies from the beginning in one spot so those of us that are new Follie Followers can read them from the first one? That would just be the best! Thanks to all of you for your creative souls and to Rose for posting this :]
they are in one spot - look for the stories folder

The first one was Robin Hood . I do not know if it has been moved yet.

The first one was actually PZ's post about being taken to the ER for excessive twitching, which morphed into a huge hospital drama. From there, Glen suggested we do Robin Hood and the rest is Forum history.
I stand corrected by little miss crooked finger .

We luvs ya Beth ! That was a great picture.
Aren't active imaginations fun?
It all started with an innocent parody by Kim of some of the self-diagnosis messages we get, posted last June.

Don't know if link will work, but a search will pick it up.

Apparently it was collectively decided that we would stage a medical drama based on the thread the following week-end, and when we wore the medical drama out, Glen (again) came up with Robin Hood, and the rest is forum history.

Undulating apparently first appeared in the next medical episode.

Here are some exerpts.


Oh OH Oh OH ... I have an idea ...
This is the stuff of soap operas ...
YES , we will all be famous stars.
We need a name for the series.
"As the drool continues, such are the ways of our PALS"
"Calling Dr EMG, Calling Dr EMG"
Starring Grampa AL as the administrator.
CJ as the Hot Nurse (every series has one)
Rose, Mare and Thelma as the nurses that do all the work
Zaphoon as the telepathic diagnostician
and Joel "Mr Twitch" as Security Dude


I am sitting here howling! I notice that you don't have yourself in the cast yet, Glen... are you going to be one of the PALS having a follow up "Zaph" procedure with his physical? And then there is Beth. She can be the "Problem Patient", (as she usually is when she goes to the hospital anyway!)

CJ. We absolutely must get to wear hats, or we just don't do it! No white stockings though...


OK, the only name possible for this weekly dramedy is TWITCHES !

Rose, you've obviously gotten access to my medical records. I am indeed qualified to star as Recurrent Problem Patient. I will make the supreme sacrifice of stopping my lability meds for a few days before my big scenes, where I get to throw bedpans at all the nurses.

Physical Zaph obviously will be the twitcher in crisis.

First episode: An ambulance screeches to a halt at the ER. PZ's twitches have shot up to 4,000 per hour! He's rocking and bucking like a 48 Chevy on a dirt road in Georgia! Dr. House is baffled. Who will save him ? (The twitcher, not Dr. House.) Who can stop the twitches before he twitches to death?

The nurses pile on him, trying to crush the twitches out of him. Then Problem Patient trots up with her walker and whacks him with an old-fashioned metal bedpan. The twitches subside. The nurses high five each other. Canned laughter.

Tune in for next week's crisis as the twitcher tries to twitter.

Please select your own roles, people. This will raise the bar for medical dramas.


I want to play twins! And one of us is evil. Oh and I want my own dressing room with flat screen HD television, a big bowl full of blue Smarties (just the blue ones) and a treadmill to work off the Smarties.

Thanks for the great writing, Beth! I love the title!

See you all on the first day of shooting! So exciting... we're going to the Daytime Emmy Awards! YAY!


Theme music


Bewitched bewitched i have a itch,
my muscles are about to twitch.

There in my leg and in my tongue,
there even in my blooming bum.

They pop up here and pop up there,
they pop up freekin everywhere.

There like the scarlet pimpernel,
were they go next i just can,t tell

They ofton catch me unaware,
sometimes i just sit and stare.

I hope to catch them in there crime.
there really playing with my mind.

Bewitched bewitched i have a itch,
my muscles are about to twitch.


I found it ... the perfect theme song .

Twitch Song

Thelma wants to be and bad twins ... Hmmmm Came & Unable ?


Mare, no worries. I think all the laughing made me feel like I had some twitches, or maybe it was just sympathy twitching!

I can't use emotional lability as an excuse so I swear I haven't been drinking!
Rose, I think the name Ginger suits you perfectly and casting Wright as the hot doctor is a stroke of genius. Caroline, brilliant lyrics and Beth, wow your imagination is truly wild.

Zaphoon, did you ever imagine your harmless parody would morph into this monumental tangent?



I had no idea this would happen.



I was just following the script. Believe me, I don't discriminate, so if someone would like to write an East coast girl into the story instead . . . or better yet . . . in addition to a Southern belle, giddy up to that too. Thelma or . . . and . . . Rose? Aren't men pigs!

CINDY ....

Oh my goodness. This is getting WAY out of hand, but I LOVE it. You folks are HILARIOUS. Make sure you set the scene in a state that Medical Marijuana is legal and you musn't forget to add in all of the miracle cures gone haywire.

(Physical Zaph has to take a potty break right at the PEAK of the excitement because he's doing a colon cleanse with bentonite, all the while wrapped from head to toe in gauze with detoxification minerals and acupuncture needles sticking out from EVERYWHERE...)

For the whole episode, go to the thread. Now we have to find the follow-up medical drama the following week-end.
Wow, we sure are hilarious! Thanks for posting that, Beth. I need the laugh this morning!
Thank you for guiding us all to the beginnings of the saga. Reading it is VERY bad for incontinence.
For those who've joined in the more recent Follies, this thread can help them understand the Follies "roots". Not that I exactly understand the Follies roots....
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