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  • Hello Zaphoon,

    I'm new to the forum and have been reviewing past posts over the years. I especially enjoyed all of yours! Haven't seen any recent activity of yours though. Hope you are doing well. Kathy
    still hanging on...walk, talk, eat, breath... use PWC but can transfer to and from walker by myself...still believing Eastern Medicine about you...second Tuesday next month, same time and place
    Hi zaphoon,
    I am interested to find out about the cramps you were experiencing..
    I have been in a world of hell for the last 4 months with extreme health anxiety and just haven't been able to convince myself that my symptons are all anxiety related.
    I have been getting muscle cramps in my legs and torso when I'm at rest it feels like a short dull pain asl part of the muscle cramps. and my right calf muscle seems to be pulling all the time and cramping is this something similar to what you experienced?
    Hi kim,good to see you posting.
    How are you doing? Any news on the neuropathy or dx?
    Miss your humour around here.
    Take good care,caroline.
    I loved your video on the sandbox. Here4her, Nighthawk and I thought we were all alone. thank you. It made me smile.
    Hello Zaphoon... I´m new to the forum and i'm seeking some helpful members i can meet in here like you ;) nice to meet you.. I'm Juan From Panama... (i'm latino)
    HEEEYYY Kim,how you doing? Long time no see lol.
    So good to see you on the forum,i have missed you and your wacky humour lol.
    Keep in touch.......and please come on the forum more ofton.
    Hi zaph,

    So what disease do you have?? I have been twitching for last 4 months and have clean emg's and neuro exams, wright says that since my EMG's and neuro exams. are clean I should not be worried. Would you concurr with wrights view.
    Hey, Zaph.....How ya been? I dropped off the site for a long breaks my heart to witness new, and frightened people that are just arriving to the site and I couldn't bear it for a while....but all they have to do is get a kind and witty word from you and you immediately put their mind at've always had that gift....
    Still working on the pianos? We bought ourselves an organ. Hubby is thrilled. It is an old one with a speaker that has a belt and a spinny thing in it. (doesn't help does it?) I'll ask hubby the official name if you can't figure out what it is.
    Hey Kim, it's me Colleen. We're friends on fb remember? My Dad didn't have als just dementia. My little brother Wes died from it 4 years ago in November. Thanks for the sympathy though. How are you doing? I'm still in touch with some people from here. Just really needed a break after Barry, then Glen and Annie and..etcetcetc.
    take care
    still around but lost track of you. don't see your name on forum . springfield als office is moving down on cc highway, don't know if support group meeting will be there or not. we had to down size so now live at the villas at wicklow ph 714-4240 800 e kings mead cir #3 nixa call and come by still looking forward to meeting yoy
    i just now figured out how to send and receive messages. our next support meeting is jan 8th, wheeler heart cntr, s. natioal, ground floor, across from info desk, at 6;30. hope to see you there. still walk, talk, eat, breath, drive, and attempt to play golf. truely blessed, second drug trial, eastern medicine.
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