1. Nikki J

    Transfer tips
  2. KimT

    Happy Easter

    Yesterday, Good Friday, I was supposed to go to a 3 pm service. We had an issue in my wing of the condo and lost power from 8am to 4pm. I had to transfer all my groceries to the social room refrigerator and about 2pm we got hit with a very bad storm. I missed the service. There was another...
  3. J

    Lift Chair Question

    For those of you with Golden lift recliners, can I get my PALS into it with a hoyer? I have been exclusively using a hoyer to transfer him for a while now. I'm pretty sure he could not stand on his own even with support, even just for a pivot transfer. (I'd be scared to death to even try.)...
  4. Kristina1

    mexiletine side effects please advise

    Hi I was hoping others who are on or have tried mexiletine could chime in with their experience. Apologies in advance for the length of this post. Background: I'm in the AMX0035 (amylyx) clinical trial in the open label phase meaning we know for sure I am receiving the real drug. I was told...
  5. KarenNWendyn

    Adventures in van parking, part 2

    Perhaps this is a tale of poetic justice. You can decide. So as a followup to a previous thread .... Today I’m out for a haircut, still able to drive the van myself and transfer into the pwc, enjoying...
  6. N

    Van Shopping Questions

    So I have been looking up and down the internet for Full Size Mobility Vans and while there are some available not many here in Calif. It seems that the mobility van market is largely made up on converted mini vans and that has been my dilemma in my search. After chasing down the Mercedes...
  7. S

    An intoduction myself

    Hi Everyone, my name is Juri. I have been living with ALS for 12 years now, and I had been gone from this site for about ten years, and during that period of time my FRS dropped from 23 to 1. I am on vent 24/7 (with the use of tracheotomy), I use an eye gaze computer for communication, and I...
  8. S

    Like new Permobil F3 Wheelchair

    Permobil F3 power wheelchair with all the bells and whistles including cell phone holder, elevate feature and anything else you can think of. It even has the trilogy holder for the back. Probably only has 1 or 2 miles on it. Asking $2500, hoping someone close to Tulsa, Oklahoma may need it...
  9. kitkat

    Exhausted & Feeling Guilty

    I am so exhausted. We have home health aids taking care of my PALS on weekdays as I still work full time. He has no use of his arms & legs. I get home about 5:15, just in time to help Steve use his urinal. Then I use the lift to get him out of his hospital bed & transfer him to his wheelchair so...
  10. T

    PWC forward tilt

    My PALS is getting a PWC in a few weeks. He is trying to decide if he wants the forward tilt. He can't transfer at this point. Would this help with making himself more comfortable with changing positions? Insurance isn't going to pay for it so we need to know if it is worthwhile to add it to...