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  • Glen, I've missed you for a while and now know you have joined my husband. Y'all have fun listening to all that music and exchanging concert stories. RIP, dear friend.
    Glen, You've been on my mind a lot and all I can say is, all things considered, I hope all is going okay with you. Please know that your presence on the forum is missed but that your absence is also understood.
    I appreciate you, my friend!
    Happy Birthday Glen, this one slipped away from me! Miss you. Better be good so that Santa is kind this year. xo
    Hey Glen, missing you and your sa remarks this holiday season!! I'm dressing up as a witch this year . Haven't gotten dressed up for Halloween in a long time! Just for work though. See how many little kids I can scare!!
    Glen, Just dropping in to say hello. I really miss your presence on this forum and wanted to thank you for all of your many insightful and entertaining posts.

    hey gorgeous!! You were back again? Glad to see that you little green dot lights up still!
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