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  • Hi, Arda --

    >Been in the army?

    No, Navy, Southeast Asia, Vietnam

    >Now teaching English but since have become sick I only do private coaching at home

    My daughter does the same at Uni in Oldenburg :)
    First of all, I'm sorry for me english but I'm from Poland.
    In June 2013 I was in Germany to confirmed diagnoses. The doctor recommended me creatine, and I have taken it since June. I have a feeling that after some kind of active like walking me muscles less pain. They didn't say anything about vitamin D.
    In the topic of vitamins, after I was diagnosed I take Vitamin P six months.
    I greet
    Welcome - sorry you had to find us! Glad you can still walk. I am also well taken care of by our Canadian healthcare system. We are blessed! Hope you take advantage of the information held within this forum. I learned so much - And I've made good friends.
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