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  • Rosella- I was so thrilled to come here today & see a note from you! How are you? I've missed talking with you. We're OK- slowly moving along. Have some new pictures on my page- have a look. The girls are getting so big! Love, Mar (please give my regards to your Mom)
    Hi, thank you for the compliments on my new dog. He is so adorable, I can't get over how lucky I am. He has already learned what not to chew on, what not to bark at, and how to play gently with the cats. He is so smart. Of course, I had to look at your Chico-very very cute!

    Lydia (here on the forum) just got a schnoodle dog from a shelter. He looks ADORABLE . She posted photos on her profile page. I hope Chico has recovered from his awful experience! Sending you love and hugs as always xoxoxox
    Dear Rosella, Thinking of you today , and remembering your Dad in prayer. Big hug, Marianne xoxo
    Will write long letter later. Sorry about the knee; glad it is on the mend. Stay warm! xoxo
    Hi- they are "calling" you over on the follies thread! Did you do the 2nd 5K yet? xo
    Hi Rosella, Was this a paying gig or out of the goodness of your heart? Still, I love that you get to travel so much! How are you feeling about the upcoming season? Sending you all (((((hugs))))
    My goodness girl!!! You certainly do travel! I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see more pics!
    Sending you hugs and kisses! (and Ernie sends you and Chico a big smooch too!) xoxox
    Hi Rosella, just stopping by to say hello. How's your dear mom liking her new condo? I hope you are doing ok and I want to say that I love your Italy photos!
    Saw that you stopped by the forum the other day, so I wanted to drop by & say HI! How are you? Love to hear from you- Hugs,Marianne
    my name is Edwin Andiano and i had 8 years experience in taking care of people living with ALS.I am looking forward to share my knowledge in terms of caregiving
    Hi Rosella, I am doing ok and am house-sitting this week while Beth moves Andrew back to Victoria for a new school year. I now have a power wheelchair and am wheeling around the house and yard trying not to hit any furniture or walls. I hope that you have a wonderful time in Italia and make some great memories! Say hi to you mom for me, I hope that she is doing well in her new house. Love from the Rockies, Barry
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