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  • I'm twixt and tween on tough love. I have to good vibes from some of these folks but skipper66 makes a valid point...a lot - well some - on the forums rule everyone out and I think that is wrong as some of the symptoms require some evaluation. Others desire a knock up side the head. Each extreme can be handled a bit more compassionately perhaps .... I think most are sicker than I am and don't even have ALS.
    I'm bipolar so your comment didn't sit well with me. I don't claim to have some fatal illness and have enough compassion not to mess with people who do. I also don't buy all their anxiety crap either. They are just messing with us. Unless you are a expert on bipolar please don't even go there.
    Hi Laurie,
    I think it will be something to do with when you get the rights to send and receive PM's. I wish I knew something about how it works, David says he doesn't know for sure and that he wouldn't tell anyone if he did .... Try and be patient, keep posting on different threads, check your CP for any options that you can suddenly turn on.

    I know I was just hanging out for these privileges when I first joined, they should kick in very soon. Tillie
    Thanks for the nudge....I am just so sick of doctors, that is the issue. I should go to the orthopedic doc for my back also. Just can't get motivated to do that as well....just kind have an attitude of being done, my life has an expiration date.
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