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PZ, you have out done yourself on that one!....LOVED IT!....Made me smile and chuckle alot!...:)
Two comments...

1) I think most of the manuals should come translated into Creole or Valley Girl and 2) can I get distribution rights for Australia? :lol: :mrgreen:
Forget letting the wackos spend their hard-earned, ill-gotten disability funds on this fantastic product. I am independently wealthy and hereby vow to provide one (1) kit to each and every contestant on "Do I Have ALS?"

***light up Audience Applause sign and cue wild clapping, fainting, and squeals of approval***
And for an additional charge you will receive a personal consultation with TR saying you have a very remote chance of having als...........................................
These posts are too funny! Thanks for the smiles!
Hilarious! Nothing like a New (and Improved) DIY kit, you'll sell millions! Oh wait, this is a rare disease, maybe just thousands...

Thanks Zaphoon, this was perfect after the week we've had.
Barry would be proud!
we need a laugh button!
LOVE it! Thanks for the laugh! :)
Love this! Rog fell out of his chair, he was laughing so hard!

No (do it yourself) muscle biopsy kit? Sounds like a rip off..
Kim only you would dream this one up. Loved it!
:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: kim you are stomach ache from laughing .
your soooo funny.......just love the bones of you:grin:
Hilarious! Thank you for the's a hoot.
Now now Fitzroy,

Hands off my area. PZ and I have delt before re product distrubution "down under" and i understand that he is happy with me as i ply him with Coopers, isnt that right PZ?

so Fitzroy,
You can have the rights for NZ if you like, i will be pleased to get rid of them, as they cause too much trouble for me :wink::lol::lol::lol:

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