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  • Thank you for the support and well wishes! baby Lucy Rose is such a joy in the moments of our lives. Tonight at 10:45 PM is the "angelversary" of WEB being given his wings. I am surprised at how the sharp sorrow of those moments a year ago have revisited my soul... Matthew and I will honor him by lighting a candle that will burn all day and sharing our memories as we eat his favorite dessert-Coconut Cream Pie! Holding all of the PALS and CALS close in our heart pockets and with such love, Kay Marie
    Congrats on the new grandchild!!! Are you moving within the same area or across country? How exciting!
    OMG! How did you know I checked on you today to see when you last peeked in??? Hope you and Matthew are well! I will be calling husband's doc to go ahead with hospice recommendation this week.
    hi, sorry for not been in touch but have been so busy with the family, but just to let you know my husband has been diagnoised with frontal lobe dementia, and we are still awaiting more tests, i hope you are ok and i will speak to you soon, Princessbeverley X
    Hi Kay Marie.
    Just popping in to let you know you are often in my thoughts. May each day continue to show you even the tiniest of blessings.
    Wishing you well, Val
    Hey, I really miss you. I hope you are well. Please keep in touch. Are you no longer on fb? Do you still have my phone number? I think of you and Lori lots and would love a big group hug!! I care and miss you horribly, Jacque
    Hey Howler!
    How are you doing? Friday is a February Full Moon and I know the wolves are all stirred up for Valentines. I'm going to howl for you and yours with all I've got.
    Feb 18 2011 and thinking of you....
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