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  • Hi Peter. So glad you are still here. Happy to hear that you don't have as far to go. Still not next door though! I know distance is all what you are used to. Used to drive 6and a half hours one way every two weeks to see my brother.
    Last place we lived it was four and a half hours one way to the nearest city. But the good specialists were an hourand half plane ride or 16 hours drive away. I believe that is why Joel moved south.
    Take care and pop in once in a while.
    Hi Peter. Glad to hear you are still around. Understand what you mean about the forum. 2 years yesterday since we lost Barry. I lost both parents this last year and have moved again.
    Miss talking to you.
    Hi Peter, another of my early morning visits and after wondering around this wonderful forum I thought I'd best let you know I called and I care how you are doing.

    Apricot tree now has fruit coming as do my peach and nectarine trees. Way off being ripe though....need to keep an eye out before those rascally birds beat me to it hey?

    Take care and know I care,Anastasia.
    Hi Peter...on one of my early morning but rare visits here !
    Weve had some full on weather activity and I hope you have had a warm cosy spot to shelter in.A lot calmer today but fairly chilly ,however it isnt too long before apricot tree has blossom happening!
    Thinking of you and wishing you well .Take care,Anastasia.
    Hey Peter, long time no talk! Just checking in to see if you are still ok. Missing you and our chats. My niece is your way. She's been bouncing back and for between New Zealand and Australia. Don't think she's going to come back here. She loves it and the people alot!
    Hi Peter.....I see youve had a birthday.....bit late but hope you shared it well......hoping things are going ok for you .We are in for another warm spell with the weather here in South Aus. arent we. I cant remember a May like it.....oh well,take care and be in touch ,hey?. Anastasia.
    Saying hi Peter and admiring that you are battling on and supporting others with advice re the pump.Take care,Anastasia
    Hi Handsome,

    As I just wrote to Caroline, my patience has deserted me this morning, thanks for your kind words, and I will write soon. It was very good to see a note from you. Cheers from up top???? ha ha
    Hi Peter,
    Another member suggested that I inquire with you regarding the baclofen pump procedure and results.
    I have severe spasticity problems due to PLS. I currently take Baclofen orally but with very little results.
    I will have my evaluation next month. please feel free to offer me any input or suggestions on this matter.
    I would appreciate it very much. I hope to hear from you Peter.
    Thank you. Kevin G.
    Thankyou Peter....good to hear from you ...keep on keeping on hey....and keep that ipad charged up and yack on it as much as you can!Ed became very proficient on his! Take care,Anastasia.
    Saying hi and how are you doing Peter?
    Wide awake at 5 am. and thought I would pay a visit to this page .
    Missing Ed so much so I guess I'm just reaching out to you guys.
    Take care .I think of you all often,Anastasia.
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