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  • Beth,

    Your birthday would have been next Monday, and, as always, I will think of you, and remember what a special person, and dear friend you were to me! ♥
    Merry Christmas, dear lady! I'm sending you all sorts of stuff for Christmas dinner! After-all, you will be able to eat now!!! I'll still include those chocolate kisses!
    Well, your birthday would have been the 10th of this month. I hope your dear Paul is doing well, and is keeping good memories of his life together with you. Still thinking of you, xo
    Dearest Beth,

    Just thinking about you. I guess this is the closest I can come to visiting your grave ~ You're still very much missed and very very much loved! xoxox
    Dear Beth,

    I live in Los Angeles... If you look under my name you can see how nuts I've been regarding my fear of ALS. I would like and hope to believe that I have BFS that is brought on by stress but I finally, after practically begging my family prac to write a perscription for an EMG, finally did so with a doc up here in the antelope valley. Up here we have a reputation for having bad and the reject docs of SoCal. I was wondering if you could recommend to me where to go to get a reliable EMG... My life is falling apart because I thought everything was fine and now, where my twitches started (I've had them widespread) my index finger I'm getting tightness and pain to bend it and i need to know I've had a reliable EMG done. If you have any recommendations i'd truly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

    Its almost a year now since you've left us. By this time last year, you were already unable to get to the computer for that long span of weeks, and so many of us despaired, not knowing if you were ok or not. You are still much loved, and much missed. I hope your Paul is being well taken care of. I think you must have been part Super Woman to do all you did for him, while so in need of help in your own right. Thank you for giving many of us inspiration, and for leavening our days with your wicked wit. You left a mark here on this forum, and I'm sure on the world at large as well. xoxo
    Dear Beth,
    I'm only now back on line as I wiped out my operating system when I installed Windows 7, didn't copy email history, and only just refound this link. I just wrote Rose, and don't recall how this works, if you can read that conversation or not. Don't want to repeat everything, just to thank you for everything, that my husband is cancer clear for now but going for more tests, will probably never eat as they misdiagnosed him (I'm suing the doctors so hopefully it's a wake-up call not to be so criminally careless and patronizing with patients' families) with ALS for five months and didn't discover the cancer until stage IV, dramatically affecting both quality of life and differential diagnosis. My daughter is continuing to be great, though in the throes of pre-teenage-itis, and my greatest joy. We rescued two cats, who destroyed the Christmas tree but had a lot of fun doing so. Much love and thanks to you,
    Missing you dear lady! I had a dream about you, it somehow involved a dog and a cat that needed to be rescued! Love you always xo
    Thinking of you and your bunny Christmas tree and wishing you were here with us for this one. Missing you.
    You were a great mom to your kitties and I know they miss you. Happy Mother's Day. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you today. Love and peace, dear Beth. xoxo Rosella
    Hey Beth! Felt like I needed to visit you today. Wish you could've been here for the melee... We really missed you!
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