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  • Hi Collen,

    Still here.
    Still slowing down

    Not posting much now

    Some good. News

    Instead of traveling some 900 km to get my pump refilled etc, it's been done locally now
    Only 100 km trip every 7 weeks now
    First one next week locally
    Cznnot wait


    Hi Collen,

    i am still here, although slowing down a bit with the movements of the limbs.
    cannot believe its been over 2 years snce we chatted

    Although i visit here most days, since we lost several of the regular ones in a short space space of time, my interest in posting has dimished..

    I dont think even a return of the follies would get me to post much as i would miss Barry's and Ann's etc witty postings. Besides Taz has gone in to hybernation for the winter. LOL


    Love you too! Looking forward to next month. Several ladies are coming to Reno, for a ”Tea Party” Finally get to meet some of my forum friends
    Colleen, I believe the organ you have is probably a Hammond organ. The thing with the belt was part of its Leslie mechanism that gave it such a unique sound, in particular, the Hammond B3 model.

    Yep, I'm still wrecking myself with piano work. My muscles never have enough time to recover so my arms are always sore but no big deal.

    Google hammond/leslie and see what you get!
    She is on my list too. I really miss Kari (bluebear) too. I leave them messages once in a while, but never hear back.
    Colleen, dementia was probably no easier to face than ALS. The care you gave still made a big difference in your dad's quality of life. Sorry for the confusion!

    The face of this forum sure has changed over the years. I look at my friends list on this forum and most of them are gone now; very sad. I'm still fighting the same crud every day but getting along okay.

    It's good to hear from! Maybe PZ Laboratories, Inc will reopen some day.

    Have lost my father on Jan. 3. He's now where he wanted to be all this time. With Wes.
    hi colleen,hope everythings ok and your having a great day being spoiled.
    Let me be the first to wish you Happy Birthday! You're not getting older, you're getting better! LOL

    Thanks for letting me know how he left us. I'm just devastated. I know you and he had a special bond, and wish there was something I could say. lots of hugs to you too. xo
    Thanks for letting me know, Colleen. Tears in my eyes as I see the message below. Group hug!
    Hi there, sitting up for a feew minutes so I thought I'd say hi. Pretty tired always now, hope the moose are leaving you alone. Thanks for the messages and email, I appreciate it. Gotta go
    Hugs, Barry
    I did, I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday as well! Love your avatar :)
    Hi Colleen, thanks for all the messages. I'm doing ok I guess, had a nice Christmas with Andrew here and sister Debby out for a few days. Andrew is back in Victoria now for his last term before graduating. I spend most of my time in bed now sleeping and watching tv, boring but no energy for much else. That's all for now, take care
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Colleen. My daughter is coming in, my son who is in Colorado is not. xo
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