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Someone, help. Who is "Belle"? And was she originally a cop? Rose, I need this thread for continuing referencing. Thanks!
Belle (I believe) is CJ.... She's a cop in this episode, but she has quite a history in roles she's assumed:wink: It seems like she seduced Don Corelone [sp] in one of the earlier follies.
Thanks, Rose. I wondered about CJ, as she is our Southern Belle for real.
One of the funniest (to me) revelations, is when it is pointed out that Glen has transposed "heavy breathing women" into "heavy breasted women". AND no one noticed the error for quite some time. I think it was dear Beth who pointed it out. A real coffee snarfing moment for me when I read it LOL
I think that Belle first made an appearance in the Little Women follies, one of the very first "official" follies.

I have to go back and re-read the last follies because I got behind and lost the "plot".
Barry, I hope to see you on-board, in Pub, or in my new bakery. And, Rose, puleeeze don't snarf in the bakery. I know, you and I have snarfing issues, and coffee will be served. I'm concerned about the clientele.
I st(ill want to k now about Moscow.

This has been WONDERFUL stuff.................;;Thanks a million trillion times
LOL to Ann... and LOL wink wink (sigh) in response to Irismarie....
I'm reading a passage in a mystery novel where "snarking" appears, as in "snarking down food" a term first used by Lewis Carroll, v. to quickly suck or snort something into the nose or mouth, especially a food or drink. WARNING: Should not be used in conjunction with the words "coupling" and "aardvark". Don't you find that interesting? And another definition has snark meaning "to nag, to find fault with." This is a great follies word... so confusing. We can either snarf or snark. Nearly interchangeable other than the directional force of liquid, as well as attitude. One can't nag via snarfing.

Honestly, reading definitions from giggle could add ongoing follies fun to the forum.
A snarky scarf snarfing aardvark!
LOL, Barry. You sure start the morning with a quick brain.
and in English;-) a NARK is a police informer.
so you could have a snarky, scarfing nark of an aardvark in the park, barking.
Oh, MY, so funny. LOL, Iris Marie, save me the giggle search here and tell me... do aardvark's actually bark? They may do in the follies, as informants to either other aardvarks or coppers. It's always good to "have a face" for the enemy (the aardvark) so we don't get caught.
OK, we need to remember this: Ascending Spastic Lesions, because we're at war with them.:?

IrisMarie, I'm a bit slow, but finally noticed that the above is "ASL" and not "ALS". Nincompoopery.
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