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  • In loving memory of my beautiful bride on our 38th anniversary. (Max Bruch's "In Memoriam).

    Max Bruch - In Memoriam Op.65 - YouTube
    Another year has passed as I fondly remember our wedding day 37 years ago. I will always love you, Sweetheart, and though it doesn't seem possible, I miss you more every day. You were a one-of-a-kind gem and will always be the greatest treasure in my heart.

    Happy anniversary Sweetie. Thank you for marrying me 36 years ago. Besides the Lord's salvation, you were the best gift I've ever received. I will always love you. And I will always miss you terribly until we meet again.

    Your ever-lovin' hubby.
    My Dear Sweet Ann,
    It's been a year now that you left us. I Miss your sweet smile and your comforting words. Although I know you're in heaven, I miss you. I am selfish and wasn't ready for you to leave us. Keep a chair near you and Diane for me. Will be there soon.
    My love to you always,
    This would have been your birthday today dear Annie. You are still very much loved, and very much missed. ♥
    I think of you so ofton and miss you so much dear annie. Godbless. caroline xxx
    Dear Annie, you have been on my mind a lot tonight. I am remembering with gratitude our conversations and how you helped keep me going. I know you are looking after Phil now. I pray for him too.
    Oh Ann you and alot of others were the backbone of this forum, I miss your kindness to everyone, and Love you always...
    Hello mam, I am Mahesh Thapa,35, from Nepal. I have 11 years history of ALS/MND but still optimistic to overcome this disease.
    I hope you're still saving me a place next to you Sweet Ann! Love you and think of you often.
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