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Feb 3, 2008
Loved one DX
Well everyone it turns out that my dad does have ALS and its been very very hard on us for the past week. He was diagnosied with the slow progression A typical ALS. They also gave him Relutic(sp) to help slow the symptoms down. They said he had about 10 years. But everyone who knows my dad, and how stubborn he is, he is going to be here longer than those 10 years! HAHAH! Which is great news! Means hopefully he will be able to walk me down the aslie which I really want! But if his legs go he can wheel next to me! LOL! Sorry, we use jokes to get us through these tough days! We have all been depressed since we found out. Since this nasty news, we are planing on doing all holidays jsut family! Not that we dont already but since my brother and sister are away at college, they are having to come home! But it was all their idea! Which makes me happy(because Im normally the one that does the family events!). But on that note!

Everyone have a great Easter! And hope everyone has a great week/weekend!

Thanks for listening to me vent again!
Hey Heather!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter! You hang in there!

You sound like a wonderful daughter. i know your Dad must be proud!
Vent anytime, Heather! WE all know this is a challenge! Easter might be bitter-sweet for you guys this year. I hope you give each other lots of hugs!
Your name says it all. I know you will be there for him as much as you can and that is wonderful. As a dad myself I know how much that means to him. Know that you are a blessing. Keep up the good work and the good sense of humor.

Laughter does good like a medicine.
Thank you all for listening to me vent! Also thanks sooooo much for the encouraging words! Its soo hard to sit here and watch my dad go through this depresson at the moment. I havent seen him this way since his mom and sister died( feb and dec last year). It hurts! Im thankful for you guys here to talk to about this, my boyfirend who took me away last week to get it off my mind, and all my friends here at home! Thanks again! Ill keep you posted on more info with my hero!

Thank you! That means sooo much to hear that. Yes laughter does go a long way and it is great medicine! Thats how we have always been. My dad and I always turn everything into a joke so it wouldnt hurt as much!
There is a song on my website called "Hero." It was written and performed by a man who's brother, Donald, has ALS and it is very moving. I do not normally like rap music, but this one I like. It is about ALS and all the things we face every day, and how his brother is his Hero for fightning this horrible disease.

"I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth", quote from Lou Gehrig that so fits what I feel today. I have been blessed beyound measure. You can see what I mean, on my webpage. Four children, seventeen grand children, a full and wonderful life. Married to my wife for 42 years, I am blessed. I have run the race, I have kept the faith, I am ready to go home.

It will start playing automatically when you go to my page at:
You cant belive everything doctors tell you. My aunt was diagnosed with als in 7/2002 and she is still here fighting. she has a faster progressing als they gave her 3 years to live. I cant count the number of times a doctor has told me she cant or she will not and has been wrong. You have a long hard fight ahead of you. But, never give up and never give in. Attitude is everything.
Capt. Al

You are not going anywhere yet. You have a good strong voice. You have a great inner strength. I know, because we have just recently spoken. You will be here for a long time. But it is always good to be ready to go home. ALS or not. And you know what I mean. Those that believe, know!

Besides, You and Marge and I have to have Breakfast of Lunch!

Lorie :-D
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