1. lgelb

    ACT for ALS update meeting

    On March 8, participants from C-Path, FDA and NIH provided updates on rare neurodegenerative disease activities, with a focus on ALS. The stream:
  2. P

    ProJenX ALS treatment gets back on track

    Some good news for Prosetin.
  3. jethro

    Heart rate (BPM) and blood pressure in ALS

    what is your heart rate and bp? there is a general info that bpm decreases over time and is considered as a survival predictor.
  4. M

    Reassurance please - covid, vax, ALS

    Hi everyone, PALs and CALs alike. I hope all of you are doing as well as can be expected. Some of you know that my beloved PALs went his own way last October 21st. A fast and furious ride from DX on Jan 12th 2023. I remain utterly, utterly devastated. Lately I am seeing all sorts of stuff...
  5. P

    Suspicious symptoms after COVID vaccine - officially ALS diagnosed 2 years later

    My brother, just 37-years-old, was recently diagnosed with familial ALS. We have one aunt that passed from ALS 15 years ago, but that was thought to be sporadic and ALS wasn't even on our radar. As many with this horrible disease try to do, we are racking our brains to potentially understand...
  6. Nikki J

    Mental health and ALS

    I thought this page gives a lot of sensible advice ALS Mental Health Also this on quality of life Quality of Life with ALS
  7. M

    Gadolinium & ALS

    Hi everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and having a kind start to the new year. Everyone here was beyond kind and helpful last year when I was feeling fearful about ALS (here and here), and I have immense gratitude for all of you, still. Most of my symptoms were long covid related. Both...
  8. P

    Dutasteride and ALS

    Here's a white paper written in just 2022. Dutasteride is a medication that treats benign prostatic hyperplasia and symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It's often used off label for hair loss. Could there be a link between DHT and ALS? Summary of the white paper: Dutasteride is a possible...
  9. P

    ALS: Blocking inflammation to reduce symptoms In people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), changes in neurons appear to activate immune cells. Lowering the inflammation could reduce the symptoms of the disease, according to a study led by Chantelle Sephton, a professor at Université Laval's Faculty of...
  10. D

    Could this be ALS`? - Alot of weird symtoms.

    Hello. I have had alot of symtoms the last 8 months wich some I dont see has anything to do with ALS, and some "mabye" has. But before I start the thread I will be going to a neurologist in 20 days. It all started with Pain in the "lower"abdominal area, wich I had for almost 4 months, and mean...