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  • Hello, cans you unlock my thread I started a few months ago? I would like to provide an update since I saw a neuromuscular specialist this wee week and had an second extension ERMG. Bottom line, I don’t have ALS, the specialist wants to test automatic functions.
    Hello- threads are closed automatically after a certain period of time of inactivity and we are unable to open them. If you open a new thread to report an update, a link can be posted to your old thread for people to reference. Thank you so much for returning!
    Hi, would you mind unlocking the thread I started? Unfortunately, I feel I need to update on my wife's status and start sourcing advice. Thanks a lot.
    Hi Fiona,

    I’ve been looking through old threads and found that you had a chronic coughing issue at one time. Do you still? Did you find something that worked? I have this too and it’s most annoying. I read a couple articles by NIH describing hyperactive cough reflex with possible causes being dis regulated immune and/ nervous system which made sense. Anyway, I intended to PM you but can’t find how to do it from here.
    Unfortunately, this person also writes in Germany dgm forum) that has a "AS suspicion". However, very contradictory. We tried to help her several times. She has an ALS phophy. Does not accept any help and it annoys me now that she writes here now that she has ALS. Please read the German ALS forum dgm. de ... Greetings Natascha
    Hi, There! Thanks for fixing my "picture" of the woman in the rain. It was so appropriate for Tillie and I wanted it to be perfect. You, so kindly, made it so. That is greatly appreciated.
    I wish I knew how to do it myself. I'm still learning computer techniques. I didn't get the mathematical/computer/engineering genes. (Drat) Oh, well. Someone has to be the recessive gene.
    Thanks again! Take care and may today be a beautiful one for you. B.
    PS You're not late - their birthday and mine is the same MONTH, not date. Mine is Saturday, so you were early. How lucky was that? (If I could figure out how to attach photos here, I'd send you a smile.)
    Salutations of the day! I assume it was me you were wishing a Happy Birthday? If so, thank you ever so much. Using my special dark glasses, you'll see I'm a lot younger than I look! (If you can see me at all). (smile) Using "B's new math" - one can be any numerical age one wants. How great is that? Thanks again! May you discover something beautiful today to bring you joy. May blessings abound - B.
    Hello, Fiona, Thank you for your kind and gentle help. You're correct. I was so happy to see someone celebrate a birthday the same month as mine, I couldn't help but respond - and on the correct day, too. I didn't know to look for the date. I'm learning as I go. You helped me to be more aware. Not even knowing them, I wish them well or at peace. Whether they are with us or gone before, they are still a special person. May you find something beautiful in this day to bring you joy. May blessings abound. B
    Hello, I did not receive a message before this mail. So I wasn't aware that my first post to the entry contradicted the rules of the forum!
    I suspected a technical problem and logged in again and entered an answer on the topic.
    I myself have ALS for 9 years and I am very interested in communication tools. Therefore I have answered the question and suggested a link for a free software that works with various buttons and also contains a software button itself. If I did not enter the link correctly, I can correct it.
    Thank you for letting me know this system does not seem very user friendly...I will try and follow your instructions thank you again I really appreciate it!
    Hi Fiona,
    A well-meaning DIHALS has sent me a visitor message. I have not answered it because I think she needs to post it in the DIHALS forum. Would you kindly redirect her? Thanks,
    Hello, I am trying to reach a member " mrscott" and I was wondering if you could send them my email address so they could contact me should they wish?
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