1. N

    ILB Update ?

    New peer-reviewed research shows TikoMed’s ILB mobilizes and modulates key growth factors that trigger a cascade of neuroprotective mechanisms able to target all neuroinflammation-driven diseases including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis The mechanism of action of a novel neuroprotective low...
  2. C

    update on me

    Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while and thought I would come on and give you a life update. Things had been going really well for me and my family. I went back to school for my Masters in Education and in general starting taking care of myself. Well long story short, I went in for my...
  3. chally

    Update on Hospice

    Finally got the BS cleared away and now officially in hospice care, morphine, Ativan and all what comes next Got good nurses coming in, got good aides night and day to give Beth much much needed rest. Can’t type my own texts so alot less frequent correspondence , sorry! Things have sped up...
  4. D

    Atrophy + Twitches (UPDATE)

    I'm sorry, I'd like to adress this as an update, but my previous thread was close. (For anyone new. 25 y.o. male oral surgeon from Mexico) I've been having some issues with my 4 limbs (twitching most noticeably). I was operated on a herniated lumbar disc, that was crushing my left s1 nerve, as...
  5. S


    I posted here several months ago but that thread is closed. I just wanted to let you know I was diagnosed with Painful Legs Moving Toes which is less common than ALS supposedly. Go figure...but it is not deadly. Add to the list of diagnoses if you like.
  6. B

    Sorry but I have a update and a concern

    Hello I'm sorry to bother you I'm not sure if you remember me my husband thought he had Als but his emg only showed signs of myopathy. I have let the thought go but yesterday we went to Parkland for a clinical exam with a neuro and we suspected that after seeing the emg they would do a muscle...
  7. M


    Original thread was closed. https://www.alsforums.com/forum/do-i-have-als-als/43465-delayed-introduction.html I just had a clean Brain MRI. I had a 2nd EMG due to pushing for further diagnostics. The EMG Dr. Said I now show signs of irritated nerve root in the lower back. I have increased...
  8. C

    Update: Abnormal EMG with Twitching

    **Original Thread** https://www.alsforums.com/forum/do-i-have-als-als/43237-abnormal-emg-twitching-any-hope.html Hello All, particularly KarenNWendyn and lgelb and others... Figured I may as well update my above thread regarding mainly twitching, long story short he determined it is Benign...
  9. M

    Update from doc

    Hi Guys, So I finally had my doctors appt today. She had no concerns whatsoever , she didn’t even refer me to a neuro . All she did was a neuro exam and I passed fine . She also ordered blood work but said that looking at my health I should be absolutely fine and she has no worries about ALS or...
  10. S


    https://www.alsforums.com/forum/do-i-have-als-als/43187-really-worried.html Hi everyone and thank you very very very much for your helpful information. Let me start by saying that I went to a neurologist (who specializes in EMG) and he did an EMG on me. He said everything looks better than...