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  • Hi Nikki,
    Are you taking any medicine at this time to help keep the gene you have at bay. Is there anything out there that will help? I don't know if I'd want to know or not because I wouldn't want to live the rest of my life in a panic or worrying about when or if it would strike. My mom has breast cancer and I decided not to get tested to see if I too carry the gene or not. Also, I was worried about insurance coverage if I did find out I carried it. Take care Kim
    Hi Nikki, went to Javea and stayed at my friends villa, what a boost it gave me! Will let you know when I'm moving. Hope all is okay with you? Anne xx
    Hi Nikki how are you? I'm not in my new house yet but soon hopefully! I just got back from holiday in Spain, it was fantastic, I even managed to get in the pool a few times with my rubber ring :) love and hugs, Anne xx
    Hi Nikki, how are you? I hope your doing okay :), me and Cheryl have got a brand new house! so happy!, hope to move next month, love and hugs, Anne
    Symposium presentations were excellent. Surprised there were not more attendees. Dozens of consent agreements available for trials. Signed up for imunosuppressant trial. maybe the miracle cure. Most of the industry trial looking for FVC ABOVE 65%. All in all glad I attended. Borderline FVC for diaphragm Pacing System
    Hi Nikki

    I saw your porch light on. Haven't seen you in a while. Glad you're back.
    Thanks Nikki! I know Neurologist (David Weinberg) has my MRI's and EMG results . . . I will see if I can get a 2nd and 3rd opinion if ALS is mentioned. Thanks for the MGH suggestion . . . Are there any Doctors I should be asking for at MGH?
    Hi Nikki, nothing new here either in regards to a house, still waiting :(, me and Cheryl staying at my brothers house while he's on holiday, It's great, no stairs! Glasgow is having lovely weather just now so am getting out in the sunshine, two weeks of BLISS, love and hugs, Anne xx
    Hi Nikki, just wanted to say hello! Hope you and your family are doing well :) sorry I've not posted for a while, Anne xx
    Hi nikki
    I'm doing OK; just a bit sidetracked because my close family member's neurological virus decided to rear it's ugly head again.
    Plus, I have been on holiday, and lighting candles for very one whose life
    has been impacted by this rotten disease. I have lit a lot of candles, since the cruise itinerary involved a lot of churches!
    Thanks for the supportive words! I feel refreshed and empowered to learn more. It helps so much hearing from people going through similar situations. Have a great weekend.
    Hi Nikki, glad to hear no signs of ALS in you :) So sorry your sister is progressing fast, I know how hard it is to see , hang in there ! Thanks for the birthday wishes :) Hope they come up with a cure or at least halt progression in our lifetime! Love and hugs Anne xx
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