slow progression

  1. C

    6 months in, new symptoms

    I posted to this forum a few months ago after my symptoms started. At that time I had neck stiffness and pain, body wide twitching but constant in my lower legs and some swallowing problems. Symptoms have come and gone over the past 3 months. My neck pain and stiffness dissipated. My...
  2. C

    EMG on untwitching muscles

    Hello, I went to a neurologist who suggested I had ALS based on my signs and symptoms. (Constant muscle fasciculations, positive Babinski sign, left side weakness and atrophy -atrophy in left hand and right around and now both calves- slurred speech and cramps where my muscles get stuck. Also...
  3. J

    Mother Diagnosed

    Hi everyone, My mother has been diagnosed with ALS 2 weeks ago. she is having a bulbar onset right now having a hard time swallowing, talking and eating. Her Neurologist told me her breathing is good and has a relatively slow progression. She is on Riluzole right now, seems like the progression...
  4. E

    Second EMG

    My father has been suffering from upper motor neuron signs over the past three years, with no apparent lower involvement (clean EMG and still no fasciculations), which led doctors to think of PLS. In a second EMG, the results are indicative of "mononeuritis multiplex or motor radiculopathy", but...
  5. J

    Ratio of ALS in a world

    as we know, it is 2:100 000. iran has 0,7:100 000 iceland 0:340 000 there are some people that dont know they have als etcetc. let there will be 4:100 000, that means 300 000 pals in a world. did anybody try to put number of reversals, plateau etc in that (let's say) constant number? ted harada...
  6. S

    Help please---- need advice

    Could you help us understand a Dr's responsibility to a patient when a drug like radicava is approved for treatment. We don't know if my husband- who has slow progression at this time - should begin treatment. Thankfully -we have great medical insurance at this time- so finances aren't the...
  7. S

    Slow progresser (long post)

    Hello to everyone, this is my first post, after spending a lot of time browsing the forums. It seems like a very supportive place. I've noticed in these groups as well as in the local ALSA support group we go to, that some people are dealing with the stress and demands of a fairly rapid...
  8. S

    Advice please.....

    I need some advice. My husband was diagnosed in January and fortunately has slow progression with the thought it may be flail leg. Today with temperatures in the high 90's, he decided to golf with friends and passed out. He was transported to the er with facial lacerations which required...
  9. tripete

    Muscle Toxicity

    Carey (my ever hopeful, beautiful, wife) recently found this article showing a relationship between a strain of RNA and muscles toxicity. It seems to imply that the muscles are causing the issue that kills the neurons and not the neurons killing the muscles. In the mice they were able to hault...
  10. S

    High cholesterol slows progression???????????

    A neurologist told my husband that high cholesterol may slow progression. Has anyone heard of this????
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