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  • Just stopped in to say Hi! Sorry to read that your son is sick and so miserable. Hope it gets feeling better soon. My oldest son had a pretty bad cold or flu thing going on last week. He's on a antibiotic and I'm glad it kicked in because he was coughing non-stop. Take care of yourself, Kim
    Hi C. J,
    Hope you are doing well. Our youngest son Eric is leaving this Thursday to go visit my dad in Dallas. He has a long weekend off from school so we thought it would be a good time. It will be his first plane ride so he's excited. My dad is staying about the same right now. He used to love to do alot of walking. It is so hard on him to adjust to the fact that he is no longer mobile. I miss my dad so much and our conversations. We still talk but its not the same anymore. This disease really sucks as you know. It robs us all of so much. Take care, Kim
    Thinking of you as we share the same wedding anniversary. I am blessed to still have my husband with me and I imagine I will be in the same place as you this time next year. Raise your glass to the love you shared and the love you will always hold in your heart for your man xx
    Thinking about you today, CJ. That first anniversary without them is a tough one.
    i am doing alright. School is kicking my butt. I am getting the grades, but it dosent leave time for much anything else. And to tell the truth i am kinda down about it. I see all the kids coupling up and I really miss that. It seems i watch them from the window and play the "I remember when game". just been a rough 10 months. I can't even think its been that long... but still feels like that day.
    Hi C.J,
    Just dropped by to say Hi! Hope all is well with you. We took our son Matthew to a specialist in St. Louis Thursday. He confirmed that he has a thryoid condition. I had been begging his Dr. to run some tests on him for over two years because he's extremely thin. She just always said he's just a petite boy. Well, he went for his school physical and the physician assistant listened to me and ran tests. Finally, found out it was his thyroid all along. But, at least its something that is easily treated. Is your son in any sports? Take care of yourself. Hugs, Kim
    Hi C.J.,
    Hope you and your son are doing well. I just purchased two round trip airline tickets for our youngest son Eric and my aunt (dad's sister) to go to Dallas in October to visit my dad. My son has a long weekend off from school due to a teacher's institute and Columbus day. I'm pulling him out of school two extra days. He gets straight A's with out much effort. I figure grandpa is more important at this point. My aunt is a widow and lives off of social security so for a early birthday present I bought her airline ticket. She will be 80 in December. Dad is so thrilled they are coming. Take care, Kim
    thanks brooksea, i will try to get in touch with one of them, hopefully they are near me I live inbetween Huntsville and birmingham
    Please read my message on the forum other entitled "Feeling Alone" and then private message me with your comments. If you don't want to be friends on here with me anymore just delete me. However, I do wish the best for you and your son. Kim
    Hi CJ....I've lost control of life in he last few days and will be gone for a few days. Taking dear Fred to Disneyland! I will contact you when I get back to see if it's still okay to give you a call. My mother is going with us, so I'm pretty certain that I'll need a shoulder. Your friend, Shelly.
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