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  • Cindy, it was good to see you post again! I hope all has been relatively well with you!
    Hello Cindy hope you are doing well, it's so nice hearing from you again, hope your family is fine; I now have three grandchildren, the oldest 6 than a 3 yr. old one who was born four days before my husband Jorge died, and a third one only 5 month's old.
    I work for my son who's a General, Bariatric and Trauma Surgeon, I do this from my house.


    I'll try to come at least once a week here.

    Hi Al and Cindy:

    Just came by to say hello; I never forget the beautiful people I met at these forums, but I am taking care of my grandchild Cesar, from Monday till Friday, he's now one year five month's,
    and I finish the day real tired.

    My love to you both.

    hi CindyM,i dont know why you have Obscure my reply i sent to you,please tell my the reason either her or in my email
    Hi Cindy... wanted to say that you've been missed on the fourm, hope all is well with you! :)
    Hey there! Hope you are staying warm in NE! It's about 4 above here today. Have a great weekend-GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks everybody for your warm wishes. I, too, am warmed by the success of this forum. For me, volunteering here has become a great way to look beyond my own small problems and see the "big picture." Our great members, all of whom are courageous and kind and so full of life, never fail to make me proud to be a part of this forum!
    Hi other Cindy M. I hope your Holiday is filled with all the good things the Season brings. Thank you for being a friend and for all you do to help with the forum.
    Cindy M. in SD (lol)
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