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Jan 9, 2013
Learn about ALS
Hello I am having weird symptomps have done blood work mri spine brain all clear my sx are pain in legs it was constant for some months now mostly comes and goes sore to touch harmstring calves ankles sometimes also got back pain 1-2 spots shoulder pain both(started doing push ups this week) and twiches all over my body but not severe went Tia neuro passed easily the test and did an Emg he said the only abnormal finding was fasciculations I have these symptomps for 5 months does this sound like als doc says 99% bfs or something little Bit more serius but definetely Not als pls help
This is your third thread in as many weeks. I am truly sorry you are so anxious and needlessly fearful.

Please trust your doctor. He told you plainly NO ALS. We are not doctors. If you desire a second opinion, please arrange to have one with another doctor, though I doubt very much even that will set your mind at ease. You are the only one who can address and calm your anxiety. We cannot do this for you. Go to your GP and discuss options to deal with your worries.
I think your fear and anxiety are making you sick. I know when I am under a lot of stress my symp toms are worse. I try everyday to sit down and have a cup of herbal tea and do something relaxing like reading or needle work. Maybe you could try some meditation or deep breathing or yoga. You need to listen to your dr and relax. I wish you peace.
I'd trust your Dr. who pretty much said you don't.... weakness is a sign of ALS, not twitching.
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