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Dec 21, 2023
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Good evening to everyone here. I’m really scared that I have or I’m developing signs /symptoms of als. Around august of 2023. I started having a very painful stabbing feeling under my armpit in the left arm which went on for some time before I developed a sudden pain around my chest which was very disturbing. I had and X-ray of my chest done and it came back normal.

Then as weeks went by I started having weakness and loss of sensation my left arm which I feel followed up with my left leg feeling numb and heavy too. I went to see a GP who said I should go for a shoulder mri which results came back and it was said that I had frozen shoulder. I came back to the same hospital were I was ask to see a bone doctor who did some physical analysis on me and assured me that I do not have frozen shoulder.

When I was done with the analysis he asked me to get a cervical mri which still came back normal and I was referred to a neurologist who said I should get another mri of my brain and the result showed that a had a lesion in my brain and I was diagnosed with mild brain atrophy from the brain mri result and the doctor said I wise fine and they was nothing to worry about. So he told me it might be an anxiety issue because I told him too that I was experiencing a pain in my left heel anytime I tried using the foot directly on the ground.

I have been on clonezapam for two months now but my left side is still feeling weak and Im haveing muscles twitching all over my body which started after the left sided weakness. I’m just 21 years old and I play basketball and they was a time I sprained my left arm but the pain just lasted for some days and went away. I’ve noticed that I don’t have a lot of energy that I have before (because I’m a really playful and lively person)so it has been a bring down on my mental health cause I don’t feel like myself anymore. I get pains around my neck upper back and lower back sometimes that come and go. I’ve been really worried and praying and searching things online has not been helpful.

I also get so jerks of my legs somtimes (not often and numbness of my ring and pinky finger too.) I just wanted to share my feeling here and I also have this fullness feeling in my jaws after I eat meals which makes me feel very worried. I also somtimes get this beating /throbbing sensation /sound in my left hand and my ears sometimes which is very scary for me. Pls if anyone here has an idea of what I should do or what tests I should run to get adequate results please I beg that you reply to my message on here.
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Clonazepam is not a drug you want to be on at your age while playing basketball, without a clear reason. Even if you have anxiety apart from any other issue, there are better drugs for it.

I would find a good primary care doctor, lay out all your problems on one sheet of paper (for each issue, about when it began, how often does it occur and what makes it better/worse) and let them help you from there. I doubt you have a neurological disease, though any lesion in your brain should be monitored, of course. Sleep, hydration, nutrition, reducing stress, doing things you enjoy -- these are all important your life long. When you neglect them, they often turn on you, but it doesn't mean you have a fatal disease.

You aren't describing ALS at all. Stop reading on line about all the things you could have --- Google is not a doctor -- and spend that time finding a good doctor. They might be young, old, male, female, in a city or outside one, but there is someone that can help you. Let your friends, family, and teammates know of this need and I am sure they can help. It can be hard to share, but it is worth it in the end.

In short, the assistance you need is there where you are, not here. And that's a good thing.
Thank you so much for taking out your time to read what I’ve shared on here. You’ve really done a great one for me and I pray i definately do not have a neurological diesease. I just wanted to add that I get cracking sounds all over my body when I arise from rest most times but they are painless. I also have been monitoring my sleep and I’ve always for the past two months now been waking up before 5 am which I really don’t understand why even if I go to bed at around 1 am. I also get this pin and needle sensations on my body occasionally which are somehow painful but more like disturbing feelings. And it make me worried because it’s a sign of nerve damage(according to Whatt I’ve read). Pls if they are any test you feel I should run or do to help properly diagnose my condition pls I would love to get an opinion on it. Thank you very much you don’t know how happy I am that you answered me. I’m really grateful and I hope it’s just a case of some sort of anxiety disorder. Thank you very much again❤️
Hello again. I’m so sorry to be disturbing or troubling anyone here with my issues but it’s just because I have no where to turn to that’s why I’m here trying to get it straight because I really don’t understand what’s happening to me. I posted about some of my symptoms earlier and I’m developing some more frightening symptoms that I really do not understand. I get poping sounds all over my body not just in my joints. This symptom I’m not sure if it’s assciated with als but it’s been very scary combined with the muscle twitching and general feeling of fatigue. My jaws also feel very full after eating and I get some twitchs in my face left eye and around my mouth and jaw. I’m just wanting to find out if poping sound from the muscles or bones cause at this point I’m not sure are associated with als. My ulnar nerve associated fingers get so numb mostimes and my right index finger too does that. I get two thing in the side of my jaw too. I’m just 21 years and I don’t know if JALS affects differently than ALS. I’m pls begging on someone to pls help analyse my symptoms cause my neurologist says it’s anxiety and wants me to see a psychologist.and again pls I also get this poping /cracking sounds in my ears too and especially when I swallow and my twitches occur most times when I lay down and stretch a leg or arm at rest. Pls I’m really scared and my parents think it’s a spiritual issue affect telling them my symptoms and all the blood work tests coming out normal but I know you can’t diagnose als from just blood work. So pls I’m begging once more if anyone can look at my symptoms and help me to ask for some kind of further tests and things I can do to reach a diagnostic of what’s happening to me.
No popping has nothing to do with ALS. We see complaints on joint popping often here in the worried well. Not sure why maybe the stress is creating excess muscle tension? Anyway not ALS.

Ear popping sounds like allergies, congestion or a cold. Again nothing to do with ALS.

All we can suggest is that you follow your doctor’s recommendations which seem to be anxiety treatment. A good start is to leave/ block all ALS sites and swear of mr google. To get your started I am closing this thread. Do not start another

Have a long and happy life
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