1. J

    Please do not be too quick to say NO to possible ALS diagnosis

    About 3-4 years ago I came to this forum and asked the dreaded question "Do I have ALS". I had some fasciculations and cramping in my feet, balance issues, spasticity in both legs and slight speech changes. I was assured by members that my symptoms were NOT symptoms of ALS and I went merrily...
  2. M

    Is this Bulbar PLS/ALS?

    Hi so to start with I’m male age 26 So a few months ago I got rapid heartbeat tachycardia (I know not often a symptom of MND), They found no cardiac explanation, then started getting muscle twitches which I still get sometimes, again no obvious explanation. I noticed a panting in my throat...
  3. G

    Daignosed w. ALS, Then PLS

    Curiously two different Dr. looked at same EMG and came to a different conclusion. Any thoughts? (diagnosed with ALS, Dec. 24, 2018, diagnosed w. PLS 1/17/19)
  4. E

    On a PLS rating-scale and clinical trials

    Here is an interesting video:
  5. K

    Sorry to find myself here but glad I found you

    Finally, here. I have been a longtime lurker. I have been tempted to ask questions, but ultimately I decided to wait. And I waited for a long time. Having been finally diagnosed, I will let you know how everything began. In the spring of 2016, I started noticing some problems with my left...
  6. lgelb

    PLS and UMND ALS

    Here is a sticky describing and differentiating these from each other and from more typical ALS.
  7. E

    Vertigoo / Dizziness

    Hello everyone, Lately, my father has been having short episodes of dizziness and vertigo. He literally says that his head "goes away." Today he was shaving, standing alone, in front of the mirror, and almost fell because he got dizzy. The weird thing is that he can walk for a mile with a cane...
  8. E

    Doing chores

    Hello, and Merry Christmas! I am writing to ask you a question about the daily chores. My father has retired about a year ago and has been suffering from PLS for 3 years. Since then, he spends most mornings doing chores: aside from showering himself and getting dressed, he cooks for the family...
  9. E

    Weight gain

    Hello beautiful souls, Since symptoms began, my father has been steadily gaining weight, especially over the last few months as spasticity worsened. He tries to stay active by going to physical therapy three times a week and by pedaling at home in the electric bike, but he has gained at least...
  10. E

    Help understanding new medical report

    Hello, I am writing to you to ask for help understanding the last report from my father's neurologist. He is 60 year-old men who was previously diagnosed with PLS (three years of symptoms). I am interested in knowing if the new report suggests to you that the diagnosis might change to ALS. I...