1. F

    Are this signs of ALS

    Hello all Im almost 16 years old and i know it's very rare for a person my age to get ALS but i have been having very worrisome symptoms. I've taken some pills that are called CYT3 this is their ingredients Loithyronine sodium 20 mcg per tab Clenbuterol Hydrochloride 40 mcg per tab Yohimbine...
  2. mbg1977

    antidepressant use

    does anyone use ssri or snri type antidepressant -prozac, lustral, cymbalta ...- i feel these drugs aggravates my symptomps like leg shake. did you experience smilar
  3. N

    Please HELP,i think i got ALS

    Hello people,just joined the forum today.I don`t want to show silly and start bombarding you with stupid questions.But i am so scared man.This is my story: 6 months ago,i got into a fight,a big fight.I ended up in the hospital,doing reconstructive surgery for my broken facial zygomatic...
  4. M

    21 als part 2

    A little Update in my Situation i Wenz to One of the Most respsected neurologists in Greece Harvard university he is director huge clinic in Athens etc told my symptomps and he told me 100% anxiety and nothing to worry about and take some meds and no way of als due to age my emg only fascis and...
  5. M

    Probably als 21 years old

    So it turns out that I might have als an I am only 21 years old my symptomps started September discomfort legs slight then terrible back pain and arms this has mostly gone but now for 2 months my legs are really in pain all time when I touch them run climb stairs had all tests done all clear...
  6. M

    Does this sound like als?

    Hello I am having weird symptomps have done blood work mri spine brain all clear my sx are pain in legs it was constant for some months now mostly comes and goes sore to touch harmstring calves ankles sometimes also got back pain 1-2 spots shoulder pain both(started doing push ups this week) and...
  7. M

    PLEASE HELP ME i am desperate

    Hello last 5 month have been very hard for me i really nervous and afraid that i have als it all started as a tinging in legs then i had constant hands and upper back pain last 1 month my back and hands paiin mostly gone and now my legs ache from hips to outter calfs this pain is constant never...
  8. J

    ami ata risk of getting als as my father has als?

    i m from andhra pradesh india and my father is diagnosed with als in 2004...since then symptoms slowly started and his completely disabled now..when my father diagnose after a year or so i used get the muscle shaking(i dont know the scintific term of thet)..and now 6 years iam having this but...
  9. Jamiet

    ALS Survey - ALS Type and Sympt. - ALS diagnosis - Progression

    Hello all, I thought it would be interesting to know each of your stories (again) on some, but this time in context from start to present, possibly timeline, highlighting important times, such as symptom to diagnosed (or un-diagnosed) to current. I'm particulary interested in: 1) Symptomps...