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  • No, it is probably a side effect of medication. Sexual dysfunction is not a symptom of als especially in early stages. Not until late stages and most of the other muscles are paralyzed do men loose sexual function.

    I would go to the dr and see if it medication, or part of your anxiety getting worse and need a different medicaiton.
    I had gone to 3 different neurologists and because I was only 36 told me it was in my head and or PMS. I was lucky to have my ortho surgeon fight for me. He finally got me an apt with a wonderful neuro dr who did a series of tests and blood work. Well, turns out I do have ALS but it took me to fight for answers and because I KNOW my body like no one else does. I worked in EMS and criminal justice so I understand what you are feeling. If you know you are not feeling right and something is wrong stay with it and don't second guess yourself. You need to fight for you cause no one else will. Good luck!
    I had doubts after the first urologist told me that he felt sure I had als. I finally decided the only way I would ever stop wondering if his diagnosis was wrong was to go to another urologist. So I went to one in another city that I was told was very good. I'm sorry to say that his final diagnosis was the same but at least I could accept it and decided to live with it instead of deciding to die with it.
    I always worry way too much and want answers now, prefferably good answers.
    If you keep worrying and wondering, maybe you should consider getting a second opinion.
    You have my prayers.
    I was diagnosed with bfs normal Emg only minor fasciculations and symptoms are twich spread random and legs pain also back and arms it was constant but now i an not so anxious and it comes and goes i dont feel weakness only pain now not so much can he missdiagnosed me and this is als???
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