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    Positive EMG

    The right leg was negative but he stopped at the right arm. Should I ask for an EMG of my SCM? It’s more atrophied than the right arm and shoulder. I have cared for many ALS patients in my 30 year nursing career. However, by the time they get to me the question answer window has closed and...
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    Update - New EMG, Lab results, and Symptoms

    Please see my earlier post below. EMG Results I will not press for assurance, merely hoping for insights/opinions and to give others a look at the process. Please merely delete this thread instead of blocking me if this poses any sort of rule break. So, I have some updates. On 10/25 I had my...
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    Update on New EMG Performed [Should I request a 2nd one on Bulbar Muscles?]

    Hello everyone, I had an EMG performed on Wednesday. The muscles tested: Hamstring Calf Muscle Thigh Some Hip Muscle (I forget the name) Anterior Deltoid Tricep Flexor Digitorum in my Hand Upper Trapezius Some muscle right around my Thoracic Spine (I forget the name) The EMG ostensibly came...
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    The follow up follow up on EMG

    So, I said I would follow up after my EMG. The start: In february, my tongue was twitching at rest. After about 3 weeks, it stopped. I already had a neuro appointment for 4/3, so I went anyway. He did some checks on my tongue, clinical strength and reflexes, and scheduled ncs for my hands...
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    Update on Neurologist's Appointment As Requested [He won't Order an EMG; I have some Clonus]

    I went to a neurologist this morning (Same one I've been seeing for the past 2 months or so). He still seemed reluctant to order an EMG. He said he didn't want me to get stressed out over some incidental findings which might be unrelated to any serious pathology... He told me about a time when...
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    Had my EMG

    Hi, I finally after four years of symptoms I had an EMG done with a neromuscular doctor on 2/14/23 she tested five muscles on my right side.. and she said she normally wouldn't give out information about the results, because my neurologist needs to be the one to tell me, since he referred me...
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    Please forgive me for posting again but I'm having serious fasciculations at my EMG needle sites

    Guys I'm so sorry to post but after my normal EMG test now I'm having serious fasciculations at my injection sites. They are just going going going. Woke me up out of a somewhat sound sleep. Please forgive me but I didn't know where else to go about this. I know pain is a common side...
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    Relieved to get my dx on Wednesday

    Hi, some of you have already been helpful for me in my other thread (thanks). This past Wednesday, I went for EMG and nerve conduction at the ALS Center, where the director had told me categorically, at the tail end of August (after my own neurologist informed me in July that he suspected...
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    Emg results

    Can't talk to the nuro about my results but email said unremarkable, anyone understand the read out?
  10. L

    On the verge of a breakdown ..all symptoms of Als

    A year ago I started feeling numbness and tingling in my leg and burning sensation in my head I did a brain MRI which showed corticospinal tract hyperintensities which are biomarkers of Als. Neurologists said no Als and related my symptoms to anxiety but symptoms exacerbated a lot.later I began...