Detoxi(fi)cation with green ventilated clay

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Nov 2, 2017
many people tried many things to slow down als.
i wonder - did anybody triy detoxication with green ventilated clay for oral use through 3 weeks?
i'm on rilutek for one month (started on july 1st) and i obviously have to pause it, cause clay (hidratized alumosilicate) and rilutek goes together just like fist and eye :)

i'm affraid that clay could annul (eventual) benefit i gained by rilutek and all these supplements i took by now due to its incredible absorbing power, found no experiences about ALS and clay...
Not a big believer in detox.

What are you trying to achieve?

If it feels like a fist in the eye, stop.
No, and I don't fall for the African herbs scam, either.
Why anyone would want to eat essentially silica + minerals is beyond me, Jethro. I can't think how silica could possibly benefit digestion, breathing or overall health in a hypermetabolic state where the body has to work harder to digest everything. Silica is something that the body is not designed to break down.

i wrote long post, but when i wanted to attached results, it simply disapeared. here i go again. i'll post results in another message.
@atsugi i dont believe in a detox the way some people consider it as a als cause. i just believe that through a time some ions etc have changed some biochemical reactions like osmosis and semipermeability of the motor neuron cell's membrane. it is just plaque precipitated on a cell's membrane. as it is said yesterday on fb conference, it is possible that (micro)sensitivity of each man is a different, some people have more sensitive cells, that is all. desperatelly searching for the things that pals have in common was not fruitfull. i use rilutek for 1 month and i dont think that i will be significantlly worse if i stop for a 21 days. i have nothing to lose.
@gregk this is not african scam, nobody sells anything and i didnt hear it from "dr.waghadougu who healed thousands of als patients". i strongly believe that cure (actually, not cure, but preventer) of als is something very simple, just a step away. in human nature is attitude: as much as your weapon is sophisticated and expensive, as much you're safe. clay is science approved "sponge". it acts like natural scavenger, just like superantioxidans radicava, but there is a big difference in mechanism...
@laurie agree with you, but people in a als phase you've mentioned definitelly should focus on a something different. what you drink is what you pee. nothing to digest. no calories - fats, CH, proteins... but for pals with steady regime, they should stuck with it.

i hope i was clear enough. english is not my native language...
it is not expensive, it will not kill you, it will do you no harm, the only question is: why not to try it? i think that results before and after treatment are in a middle of the page.
it doesnt heal als, you will not walk on a water's surface, but you can say "i'm cleaner than i was". couldn't find even single review clay-als.
of course, this is not for "old" als patients who are under a stedy regime,
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I removed a commercial link. How can you possibly know it will do no harm?

Even things that have gone through preclinical and early phase clinical trials and looked ok have been found on occasion to make PALS worse.
Laurie suggested one possible way it could worsen things It could also have completely unexpected problems.

You can make whatever choices you want but do it with the awareness that things don’t always work the way you think thry will

I wouldn’t even consider it for myself
ok, sorry for a link. even commercial, they have sometime useful info. i'll try it on myself and i'll report. such a strange disease with many variants shouldn't have a pill like one_size_fits_all.
Hello, Jethro, To better help you understand your illness: is an excellent source.
*What do you want to detoxify? The product works in the intestinal tract. Motor Neurons are in the brain stem and spinal column.

*Curious about your post I did some online searching. There are NATURAL FOODS that supposedly aid detoxification: Parsley, Wheat grass, flax-seed flour,etc.; Antioxidants in green tea, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

*Using clays could be tricky. There are many different types of clay with varying ingredients. Different forms: powder, paste. The way it is "milled". It hould not be heated or bleached. Should not touch metal spoons or cups. Frequency of use cautions. Possible interactions with medications.

*Quality of product: who manufactures it, where is it coming from, etc. (IMPORTED: Dog food killed our pets. Lead in toys could have poisoned our children. Foods were recalled due to contamination.)

*What does your neurologist say about it? *Blood tests may rule out heavy metals, if you're concerned about that.

*As much as we all wish for one - there is, unfortunately, no cure at this time.

*There are many non-traditional ways to treat most everything. Some help, some are benign, others harmful. Search reputable medical databases, not manufacturers of any product. Be very careful. May blessings abound. B.

To better help you understand your illness: is an excellent source.
Jethro, I believe that a person with ALS may try anything that doesn't hurt others.

There are many things that can hurt you and make you worse. Do you have family?

Whatever you eat and drink or put on your skin is sent around to all your organs and your heart and brains. Some of the brain has a good protection from many things, but not all.

Could it help? It is claimed that this clay pulls some positively charged ions out of the bloodstream through the intestine wall. No one says it will get through the blood-brain barrier and into the motor neurons.

Some things will cause permanent damage. Then you would have ALS plus that damage.

Your choice of course. good luck.

So be sure to speak with doctors before trying new things. Good luck to you.
You want to eat dirt. Let that sink in for a minute. Now ask yourself why you want to give someone money for "special" dirt. If you think it will help, why not just go out back and grab a handful out of the garden? It's free! And it will do you just as much good as the "special, expensive, fancy dirt". Dirt is dirt.
i'm desperate. there's nothing i haven't try, except HGH (which is supposed to be add-on tu rilutek), clay ( i dont expect much, just to feel detoxified), many many trials, gm604 which is more than expensive, and other fancy "cures". i dont want to persuade anyone, i dont sell anyhing. i am mouse to myself. i have no cals, so there's noone who will feel sorry if i die and there's no problem about that. ordered ibudilast which i will use as a add-on to rilutek, but before show starts ill try it (in a next 20 days). in eu radicava is not registered (yet), huge problem to import it, little smaller to administer it. we dont have russian nurses like tedstehr have.
neuro says "only rilutek" and die like others should, if i have to die, doesnt matter tomorrow or next week. i wouldnt do that without fight. this is my fourth year of (limb/leg) onset, so i feel i'm counting bonus, just like on pinball machine. currently, i feel my hands are dying... i still walk without help tool and work. wheelchair is waiting like a guillotine at the end of tunnel. you can not exist alone on wheelchair. maybe that's why i didnt relax and get myself one already.
@vincent, i dont have to pay anything.
@mike do you think that doctors care? believe or not, they are humans too. if i listened to them, i will be criple for a 22 years. lost confidence...
@beauty4everyone supplements and other stufs are commercial lure. buy on kilo, sell it on mg/ppm. doctors dont have als. it is me who wear my cross on my back. if they should wear it, they will, but as a juwelry, on a chest, golden one. anyway, thanks for advice.
i'll share my experience. if i will not, dont use clay, ibudilast, delete my posts :)
I don't believe in detox because I have a liver...
Hi Jethro,

I've not used it orally but I did use it when I sprained my ankle (soaked in it) and it seemed soothing.

My concern with detoxing is that it could mess up your gut microbiome. Have you had your stool tested for imbalances?

I'm a big proponent of testing vitamins, minerals and gut health, then treating deficiencies and balancing gut flora. Some of the meds I take work against me, I believe.

I'm alone, too. I understand your concerns and your willingness to try anything.

Are you on Facebook? There's a guy with a group called Pills for Pals. His background is in organic chemistry but has dealt with supplements for years. He might have some options.

I'm a big fan of Tudca, especially if you're taking Rilutek. It's liver protective. It does a number on my stomach but I'm going to try working it back in because it's one of the supplements in my protocol that I think was making me feel better. I added some new ones and ended up with a bad case of gastritis and stopped everything. Now I'm slowly working them back in one at a time. I suspect is was a combination of several that put me over the edge and getting food poisoning at Mayo Clinic didn't help!
If I wasn't so far along and I could still swallow, the only slurry I would consider ingesting is cuastm which you can get from sigma Aldrich in fairly pure form. Do your research first. Google ALS TDI copper to get more details. University of Melbourne had good results. There are supposedly people in Germany taking it. It is in the early stages of research but there are indications of effectiveness, particularly with the people with the sod1 gene.
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