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  • Thinking of you? How are your boys and everyone? My dad is coming home to stay at his home for awhile. We have a family friend who will be his full-time caregiver. I am anxious to see dad but also a little scared of what I'm going to see. Hope you are coping as well as can be. Sending you a virtual hug, Kim
    I saw your light on and had to drop in to say Hi! How are your boys? Our youngest son Eric who will be 9 just got back from visiting my dad about two weeks ago in Dallas. Dad's progression currently seems to be at a standstill where it was very rapid at first. He is hoping to get into a clinical trial. It was supposed to find out last week and now they said it'll be another 10 days. He is getting impatient waiting. Take care and drop a line when you have time. Hugs, Kim
    I so understand what your going through. But, know that your mom wouldn't want you to be hurting. Cherish the good memories you had with your mother and share them with your children. You and I lost our mother's way to early. But, we both also had great mothers who loved us with their whole hearts. Not everyone gets that gift. Remember, we are the lucky one's for ever having them in our lives at all. Hugs, Kim
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my mother 15 years ago so I fully understand the pain. But, I also have alot of faith and know my mom is in heaven and is no longer suffering. A big hug to you. Kim
    Hi! How are you doing? I am really having a hard time with my dad being in Dallas and me being back home here in Illinois. He is getting physical, occupational, and speech therapy three times a week right at my sister's home. He has a caregiver too while my sister and her husband are at work. He is now losing strength in his arms as well. Sending you a hug. Write when you have the time. Kim
    Had to come check out your profile, as I was intrigued by your member name! I also have two goldens.. Buffy, age 9 1/2 and Baron, age 4 (and an in shape 105 pounds...we call him my compromise between another golden and an Irish Wolfhound!) They helped keep me sane through Glen's illness! I'm guessing you are doing more than enough to make your mom and dad proud!

    And a little more...

    I have a younger sister whom we lovingly call Aunt Crazy and she has a full of life 8 yo daughter. Our dad passed away about 5.5 years ago from stage 4 colon cancer and if that wasn't bad enough our Mother was diagnosed March 2011 with ALS (less than 2 months after her wedding to her current husband and primary caregiver). I am so proud of the way she cared for my dad and hope that we are making her proud in the care we give to her. She is nearing the end and all I can ask for is that her journey be peaceful and pain free.

    I am also on FB so feel free to look me up, lots of pictures and juicy goodness posted there, too!

    My goal is to post more but please know that all of you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers and if there is anyway I can help any of you, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Just a girl trying to make her mommy and daddy proud!
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