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  • Hi everybody. You might have noticed I haven't been a regular contributor for a few days. (Actually, about 750 days.)

    Well, I now working on updating the PDF file, "For VETERANS with ALS." I welcome all suggestions.
    Hey Mike! I hope all is well with you?

    I have a cousin that her husband is a veteran of the Gulf War.

    He has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that has gone to his bones.

    Can you give me an idea of what benefits he might be eligible for through the VA and how he would go about getting those.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Also, Becky and I are planning a CALS trip for this summer. We are hopefully going to make it happen this time!
    Hi Mike! I sure did. For some reason, I do have see where/how to post a new message? Above my name is just the search for the site. I seem to only be able to reply to posts?
    i wanted to send you a person message, but you seem very educated in this subject.

    I had an clean EMG on my legs about six months ago. At the time I had a lot of twitching. I had an clean EMG on my arms about two months ago, as well. Doctor said no ALS not to worry.

    All of the sudden, I feel like I am dragging one of my feet and have some twitching in my legs again. My question is that I know a clean EMG means no ALS, but how far in the past is that valid?

    I still run and don't trip then and if I focus on walking I don't trip then either.

    I definitely suffer from health anxiety regarding this and realize it could be nothing. It may be important to note I have been having plantar fasciitis pain in that foot. So, maybe that could also be the cause.

    Does this sound like ALS at all? Should I not worry based on previously clean EMGs?
    Hey Atsugi id like to thank you for commenting on my post I really appreciate it. I posted follow symptom on the thread ( i believe it’s still pending to be approved by moderator ) when you get a chance could you check it out. Thank you again Atsugi for all the help you provide on this Forum it is very much appreciated by many
    Hey Atsugi when you get a chance could you check out my post I made about my symptoms of ALS. Thank you so much Atsugi I really do appreciate it.
    Salutations, Kind Sir - I'd like to start a continual thread of religious related jokes. *How does one make the "title" in bold print; *Let others know it is on going, and * that they can add jokes, too? Thanks much! May blessings abound - B. (PS: I'm not a frivolous person - but appropriate humor helps us see there can still be joy in spite of circumstances.) ( I wish I had the power to heal everyone.) B.
    Hi Atsugi,
    Three years ago, you helped me decide to look at other explanations for the symptoms that I was having. I was scared that I had ALS, due to muscle weakness, twitching, and muscles fatiguing VERY quickly. Three years later and I am still struggling to figure out what I have going on. I have the same symptoms, just more prominent and my writing has become impaired. The doctors have said I can come back for more testing. Because my grandfather had ALS, it is on my mind. I'm 35 now. In your experience and opinion, and because I am about to start fresh with this search, after 3 years of symptoms, do you think it's safe to say I can rule out ALS?
    Hey I again wanted to say thank you for helping me out with your kind words! I was just curious, you help so many people on this forum, without asking anything in return, so I was just wondering, maybe there is something that bothers you, anything that you would like to get of your chest? I'm really so amazed on how you help other people every day, with something you're battling yourself! You are someone I want to be as a doctor! Thanks!
    Hi, There you are. Wandering through the still very new options, I came across the lovely pictures of your beautiful family. What a blessing. I am very sorry to learn your dear wife has passed. As the last of my birth family, I miss them, too, but their love and memory lives on.

    Thank you for your military service - keeping us safe from the evil doers. Someone wrote you flew off an aircraft carrier. May I ask if it was the Forrestal? We had service men in our family in peace and war. We honor all those who serve.

    Still trying to discover how to put photos on separate messages. Perhaps the instructions will pop-up soon. (smile). Miracles happen. Another will occur if I can find this location again.

    Best sign off for now. Will send "poem" soon. Last līne not quite positive enough for "Hope" criteria. Need to think of alternative. May you find something beautiful to lift your spirit today. B.
    Page 3We got married 10 months later in Seoul. From there we went to DC, (I got off active duty after our first daughter was born), Templehoff AB, Germany; Sembach AB, Germany, Ramstein AB, Germany; Langley AFB, VA; and back to DC where Dave finished out. He then went to work in the same office as a civilian attorney for 11 years before the ALS hit.

    We had a great time in the Air Force and had great opportunities to travel and see the world! What an adventure!

    Our youngest complains that she doesn't remember any of Europe. But she commissioned in the Army last month and will be at their doctorate of physical therapy program in San Antonio for 3 years. She is excited to start an adventure too.

    Page 2
    You asked about our military service. My husband, Dave, and both served in the Air Force from 1985 - 2005. Dave did all active duty and I did combined active and reserve. I should start getting my retired pay any day now. We met at the Air Force JAG School at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery,AL during our first week of active duty! He went to Kadena AB, Japan, and I went to Fairchild AFB, Spokane, Washington from there. We met up again in 1987 in Korea, I had been at Kunsan AB for 8 months when he was stationed at Osan AB. We had kept in touch since the JAG school.
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    I messaged you awhile back and asked about donation to the VA Brain Bank. I wanted to update you that we did end up setting up a donation to the VA. While they do some research the provide tissue samples to other researchers around the country. I thought in that way maybe the donation would be more beneficial.
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