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  • Happy Birthday! I haven't been diagnosed, but continue to have issues, hence my lurking around here. I just wanted to tell you that i enjoy your posts and your sense of humor. You have made me laugh out loud more than once! I wish you quick wit and slow progression in the year to come...God bless you. April
    Sorry for my very late reply....i haven't seen the badge of private messages....
    Hi jethro i read only now!!

    for the questions: left: calf atrophic, quadriceps not proper atrophic right: not visual atrophy. she can walk very little, i don't know the distance because now she reduce the time that she walks due to the negative feelings comes from the legs . she lives on 3rd floor and now usually she is able to do this without stop or at least 1 stop. she is 62, now she loose weight due to the very hot summer ( i also loose weight), no problems in hands.
    Hi, same with my legs. Weakness in arms also. We have limb onset.
    I used TENS on an injury when I was younger. Didn't help then. Like I said, I wouldn't want to use it now. I believe it would increase fatigue, cramps and fasciculations for me now. Everyone is different! Good luck!
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