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  • Vincent, first I really want to thank you for posting info on the 4C. We have the Tobii on order but certainly like to understand all the options. I have been able to get the 4C to work, but also having some problems as I have no experience with my wife's pc or windows 10. A basic issue is how to get an icon on the desktop for the application? Then more specific to Tobii software is how to begin a second eye calibration file for the wife and then run the software with her file? We could certainly use any help you can provide. Thanks, Larry Day

    I just wanted to say that I've found a lot of your posts in DIHALS incredibly helpful. That you take your precious time to help people who are often wracked with anxiety over strange symptoms is incredibly admirable.
    Vincent, about your cannabis, you said "use a 1:1 cbd/thc at 12.5%" what do you mean by the 12.5%? I can get a 1:1cbd thc tincture, but I don't understand the percent you reference. I would love to reduce my baclofen.
    Hello Vince. I am from Halifax, N.S. and just popping in to say hello. All the best. (have to keep wishing for that anyway). Paul
    Hi Vincent, I cannot read you post on the forum, I would like to know what is happening to me because I suffer from extreme pains in both legs, like muscular pains, maybe cramps. What was your post please? Thanks
    Hello, I saw you comment on my post and I'm sorry to bother you I just have a rather large question to ask
    Hi Vincent, I was interested in your comment that a walker may be partly funded by the province. I am also in Ontario. Under what program is this funding available? Thanks and best wishes.
    Vincent, I know what you mean about the benefits of socialized medicine. I wonder, though, if we're behind the US in what's available for ALS patients. My neurologist said the surgical diaphragm insert isn't available here. Neither is voice banking. Is it different in Ontario?
    Thinking of you Vincent. So sorry to hear the bad news. You will continue though to have alot of support on here. Send me a message sometime and tell me more about yourself and your family. Also, stop by the thread on other called Come For Tea every once in awhile. There we joke around and get to know each other. Maybe, you could try to see if you could get into any of the clinical trials? Kim
    Hey. Do you have a bi pap or are getting one? I have Haydens face mask, he never even used it. My benefits paid for it, worth 300, if you want it it's yours. Let me know.
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