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  • Hi Beauty
    Knowing that you are a fervent believer you will be glad to know that by some miracle the cross in Notre Dame stands unharmed
    Thanks for your lovely message! I learned how to manage posting photos on this forum after much teeth gnashing and hair tearing. I didn't inherit that gene either. My adult child despairs!
    thank you for your kind answer. I rather agree with you that spirituality is not only one religion or another.
    You might be glad to know that your sentence "may you discover today something to lift your spirit and bring you peace has come true.
    I am a temporary cals to my dad during the holidays and he teaches me awesome lessons. Awesome is here to be understood in both meanings.
    Good vibes to you
    Hi Beauty,
    Thanks for the warning about moths , I will definitely get it checked out. I uploaded into my picture album closeup pictures of the needlepoint so you could see the various stitches. Hope you can see them. Yes, he was right handed.
    I love how you look for the positive and beauty in life especially under the circumstances. Thinking of you, Kate
    Hi Beauty,

    Thank you for your very kind words about the needlepoint. Believe it or not my husband ( my PALS ) made it, I am hopeless when it comes to any kind of handiwork. He loved Gilbert and Sullivan and this was his version of The Pooh-Bah from the The Mikado which was his favorite role in the 20 plus G & S productions he had been in. I wish I could help you with the info you wanted. It is 2 1/2 ' X 3 1/2 ' with around 6 different stitches. He would do needlepoint when he was in shows to keep himself occupied when off stage. He also did Picasso's Three Musicians among others.
    Thanks, beauty.

    I flew off 5 different carriers, but never saw the Forrestal.

    Hope you figure out pictures. I have to be retrained every time. :)
    USA 2018 July 07 12:20pm

    What does one do after new diagnosis of ALS - Whatever one can.

    Writing my memoir leaves a legacy of family stories only I know. Illustrating with old photos

    Discovered interesting things FREE ON U TUBE, watching when arms tired.

    Loving learning: there's National Geographic; Nova; Discovery Channel, etc.
    Cooking: Great British Bake off; Gordon's Great Escape; Gordon Behind Bars, etc.
    Observable Art/History: Metropolitan; Smithsonian, etc.
    Art - Learning/Crafts: Forged in Fire (making historic swords/knives); acrylic painting; watercolor; drawing; pottery; photography; etc.
    Writing: Instruction on Memoir; Poetry; etc.
    Entertainment: Johnny Carson; Carol Burnett, etc., make me laugh & feel better.
    To Rest When Anxious: Soft/Soothing Instrumental Music with beautiful pictures - (especially Tim Janis & others).

    May you find something beautiful today to bring you joy - May blessings abound.
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