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  • This account can no longer respond to messages.
    I was censored and my contributions belittled, I have severed ties.
    If you wish to receive any of the resources I've generated for the ALS community, please search social media for Greg Kenoyer.
    Best of luck!
    Hi Greg -
    I was just looking at the thread referencing your magnum opus. Could you send me a copy/link to it since you removed it from the forum? Thanks so much!!!
    Hello Greg! My best friend lost his health to that. I want people to know, to be aware, to ask questions before undergoing any procedure! I just want to spread the info. If it's a lot to ask, I'll understand. Thanx
    Best regards
    Hi Greg, Sorry for my delayed reply. Thank you so much for the helpful information. I will check into Neuronode for a scanning system, as you suggested. God bless you for your kindness. Ann
    It must be said as well that it sounds like you and Al have a beef with each other and have brought it to the forum to others that are truly just wanting to laugh at a joke throughout difficult times.
    Hi Greg,
    I've never spoken with you or had an issue with you but I find as a "very helpful member" that your engaging with members that you don't agree in an aggressive manner and when you don't like how the conversation is going you close the thread. People are entitled to their opinion whether you agree or disagree and it feels like you can be a dick if you choose due to your position. If I don't like the news I'm listening to I simply turn the channel. You should do the same.
    Hi Greg! Thank so much for the thoughtful message and info. I have no idea how to reply to that PM...I must be a lizard person. ;)
    Hi Greg, thanks so much for the feedback about my post. How would I go about editing the post to incorporate your/ others' suggestions? I'm new to the form and still learning to navigate the site.
    Hi. I noticed you liked a response on a post I started. I had one other question :( can you please give me your advice. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!!!
    Well I wasn't aware anybody cld view private messages from someone else I was talking to. But while ur here greg, I don't mean any offense, I didn't make NEW symptoms up, it's reasons like this that you have many ppl like me that get frustrated Bc we are NOT making these things up. Now I don't want a diagnosis of als, but it seems no one can explain our symptoms and als symptoms can be very subtle which worries ppl like me and many others. Nobody still has yet to tell me the difference between motor nueropathy and motor nueron disease for example, maybe you can? Again, I understand this site is for ppl with MND but I'm just seeking advice and help and I do appreciate you and everyone's else's time. Thanks.
    Do you mind if I request you as a friend? I've read some of your posts in response to a few ppl acting hysterical because they think they have ALS. It's frustrating to read, so I can imagine how it would affect someone who actually has it. My mother is a hypochondriac and has been for years. My brother, her son is going through this and all she can talk about is her eye infection etc. I get so angry because I find it so incredibly selfish on her part. My best girlfriend tries to calm me down by saying that she's an old woman and that's what they're like, but it still doesn't excuse it.
    You know Greg, I suspected after only a few minutes on the forum I was going to screw up lol! The scary thing is that I read all of the directions. Thanks for your help. I've been doing some reading of threads. Should I be using bold print?
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