Dynavox Series 5 VMax + with complete EyeMax (eye gaze) System, Phone, Keyboard, etc.

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Jul 21, 2010
Hello, my name is Amy and my mother recently passed away from ALS. I have never posted on this site before but have read so many of your stories over the past 2+ years. You have all be a source of help, healing, hope and comfort to me and for that I thank you all.

My mother bought a Dynavox System before she passed away but we did not receive it in time for her to ever use it. The system is complete and still in the box/packages. It also includes the complete EyeMax system, Phone, Keyboard, etc (see below for description). The complete system cost close to $20,000. I would like to get $10,000 if possible.

If you are interested please contact me at 817-683-5946 or email me at [email protected] I will be happy to send photos and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you and God's blessings to you and your family.,


Dynavox Series 5 VMax with complete EyeMax (eye gaze) System


Dynavox VMax + (pink) New in Box
Mini Media Keyboard – New in Box
Possum Sero AAC Telephone and Backup Package – New in Box
WPAC Mount Velcro Square – New in Package
Wheelchair Power Adapter Converter – New in Package
WPAC Cable, Output EyeMax – New in Package
WPAC Cable, Input Joystick Charging Port – New in Package
Lithium ion and/or Lithium Metal Battery – New in Box
Complete EyeMax System – New in Box
Power Cord - New
Charging Cord – New
Mouse – New in Package
Thumb Drive - New
Marker Pointer - New
Quick Start Guide
Series 5 User’s Guide
Not open for further replies.

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