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Aug 13, 2007
I just wanted to extend my thanks and those of my family for your forum. We haven't been active posters, but the information you've provided helped us to help our Dad over the past year and a half. He passed away last night in his bed at home surrounded by his family as he wished. He was 74. Two key decisions in helping him get this far was to use the PEG feeding tube and the bipap. Both were initially difficult, but gave us quality time with him and allowed his death to be peaceful. Information you posted here helped us to convince him to accept those measures and gave us ideas for dealing with the myriad of other issues that ALS brings, so a heartfelt thanks to you one and all.

God bless you.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I too, am new here. I often read, but seldom post.
I'm glad the information the good folks here provided allowed you extra time with your father and; made his journey a little more bearable for all of you.
Peace and prayers for your family,

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I just want to echo CCOX's statement. I do a lot of reading here and post very little. I find it helps me alot as I watch my loving wife go down hill with Bulbar ALS. I dread the day when I will loose her, I will have a very difficult time.
For David

Dear David, Just wanted you to know our thoughts and prayers are with you. My son-in-law Jack has ALS , my daughter his wife was recently diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer she is only 36. We take one day at a time and HOPE ! My Best to you and your family, Beebe
David so sorry for your loss. I hope and pray you find peace.

God Bless
Capt AL
So sorry for your loss David. Glad we could help with information for you and the family.
so sorry

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Just be comforted in knowing that the minute he closed his eyes he was in Heaven with our heavenly father.No more pain & suffering ,He will always be there in spirit.God Bless
Hello David- I am sorry you lost your Dad. Feel free to visit us anytime during your grieving process. We will help in any way we can. Cindy
Hi David....I am sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dad. Your dad is now free from this terrible disease. God Bless. Anne
David, my heart goes out to you, and your wonderful family. May your sweet Dad rest in peace. Accept my condolences. He will comfort you, and your family in such a way, that it will leave you in total awe. It happened to me. You will have peace in your heart, because you know he is no longer suffering. I am sure your Dad was proud of you. Like your Dad, my son was sorrounded by loved ones when he departed. God bless! Keep us posted, David!

David i am so sorry for the loss of your Dad.....I am happy however that you got to spend quality time with him and that he died peacefully surrounded by family.......God Bless you and your Familly and you are in our prayers!.........Gina
Just checking back in and marveling at you all and your compassion. Again, thanks so much. Your sentiments are truly appreciated.

I thought I'd pass along something interesting. Over the course of this disease, my Dad absolutely hated 2 things more than anything else: the $25,000 power chair and the bedside commode. They both represented his disabilities more than anything else. The power chair was always breaking/not working and it wasn't designed for long-term comfort once he couldn't hold himself straight. The commode was the worst since it meant having to give up his last refuge of dignity, plus the fact that it took so much effort to go back and forth between the bed/chair and commode, that he felt like it was non-stop (at least once an hour). Anyway, about 2 hours after he'd passed away, we called the funeral home to come get him. I went to clear access to him which involved backing his powerchair out of the way. Once it was, I left it knowing it would power itself off in 2 minutes to conserve the battery. After the funeral home folks left, I entered back into the room and noticed that the power chair was in full recline - someone had moved it. So I asked the hospice nurse, who was with the funeral guys and Dad's body, if anyone touched it. She said 'no'. I believed her, plus knowing that the buttons to recline it aren't labelled and it takes a few minutes just to power it up and slowly recline it. So my sister and I approach the chair and realize I had backed it up to the commode, so when it reclined, it had completely crushed the arm and back of the commode, knocking the pieces to the ground! We both looked at each other bug eyed. Now, I'm in the technology field and tend toward a very analytical mind, but for the life of me, I can find no other explanation than to assume Dad got it a final, post-mortem parting shot at his least favorite apparatuses. We've been laughing about it as a family ever since.

David, this is amazing! I am like you.....................no doubt in my mind! This is one comment that did not put a tear in my eye!LOL! I could just see your Dad! LOL again! Now let me tell you what happened to me when my son passed. My son liked Rock music. When I put his eulogy together, I put down that his music (Rock) was always going to be ringing in my ears. I also told him that I was sorry for the times when I would ask him to turn the volume down a little (hehehe) My son passed, we laid him to rest, 2 days after we laid him to rest I went into town to pick up something that I needed, lo and behold, when the radio came on, Rock music was playing on my car radio! I went, "What?" You see, I like country and oldies, but this Rock station, hmmmmm, I wonder how it got there. I did not change that station again. It played for a very long time, and Granny was going down the road listening to Rock music!LOL Later my other son Shannon bought me a nice Dodge caravan, and I went back to country, and oldies. Every once in a while I listen to my other son's kind of music. This is all so amazing> God bless everyone!

David I Am Very Sorry For Your Loss; But Now Your Dad Is Resting In Peace In A Much Better Place.

May God Bless You And Your Family.

Cals To Late Husband Jorge
Baja California, Mexico
Hello David. I am sorry for you loss. I like the parting shot your Dad left, though. Makes me want to plan one of my own for when my time comes. :-D Cindy
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