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  • Hi, was reading your sticky in the DIHALS section and noticed your location. Were in Barrie. 2003 Is an awful long time! Feel like sharing your wisdom?
    Hi Al, just popped in to tell you that you are still very much missed. Rest well and hope to see you soon in paradise ...your eternal friend caroline.
    Hi Al,still miss you so much. Seems so much longer than a year since you left us.......shows what a HUGE partof our lives you were.
    God bless al....caroline xxx
    Hi Al, I edited my post but now it's there 3 times. It's just the most recent one I'm trying to save,
    I don't know how to delete the previous 2. Thanks.
    Al did something very special for me. When I realized, back in November, 2011, that my sister had ALS, I joined this site. Met many special people. My sister had her second opinion in January, 2012 and I convinced her to join this site. I was afraid that she would see my earlier posts (before she was ready to read them) and I asked Al to delete everything I had written. He said it was a very unusual request but he did it for me. He was a wonderful moderator. I am very sad. I will always be grateful to him for what he did for my sister.
    i cant figure out how to post. I think I posted a visiter message to myself. Sunewun
    Al, I hate that you left us. You'll always be my Cyber Sweet Patootie, Rest in Peace. xo
    Though I am not a PALS right now I still thank you for all of the questions you gladly answered and the help you gave. Thank you.
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