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  • Hi Irma. thanks for the notice about Farah! I was a huge fan of hers in the 1970s and was very sorry to hear of her illness. I understand why Al removed the thread but thanks anyway. All the best to you.
    Hi dear, wanted to stop by and share my thoughts, for I know this is the day you lost your son, and that it was also his birthday. I always remember for it was the day before Lou Gehrig's birthday. My hugs and heart go to you today dear lady, you seem like the most loving of mom's.
    Hi Irma
    this is john i wanted to let you know that freddiesnetty was in the alschatroom last night it made me very happy to talk to netty last night she said that freddie was doing ok just wanted to let you know. I haven't seen you in chatroom is every thing all wright my friend?
    hi irma.
    i saw you on the forum earlier today and just now.
    i know today is probably very sad and hard for you without your son.
    just wanted to let you know i understand that and i am thinking of you.
    you and your beloved son are in my thoughts and prayers.
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