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  • hi sharon,i hope you and your husband are as well as you can be. i so wish your husband gets a dx soon as its been so long,even if it is als at least you both would have closure. sometimes not knowing is so much worse.
    i knew dels 2nd memorial was soon and today i felt sad and odd,i looked up on the memorial thread and saw that it is today. will send bruce a quick email.
    he may have left us but i wont ever forget him.
    godbless you both,caroline
    Hi Sharona dear,
    So sorry, as I suspected, yes any incoming calls, especially from other countries our dear Iris gets charged for. She loves the fact that you want to call, and or post her cell number but please not to. I know that just the calls from me take a lot out of her, thats why I just do it once a week. She said to tell you she loves you, and she will be on the net talking to you soon!! (I hope and pray) Hugs to you Sharona for looking out for her too!!!! Kari
    Hi Sharona,
    I talked to Iris's son and asked about Iris getting charged if she were to take calls on her cell. He is afraid to call her on her cell because he is afraid she will be charged as well, so he always calls the hospital which according to him is difficult since they dont speak English and she is in the Neuro dept. I will ask Iris if she wants to have her Cel number posted when I talk to her. If you have a message dear one, please go back to the the thread "Iris is okay not to worry" and I can read off to her what you said luv. Wish there was a way to copy and paste this all and fax it, but it comes out to small.
    I will keep you posted on what she says about her cell. Hugs, Kari
    Hi Sharona,
    I have her cell number as well, but Sue told me that if she answers it she gets charged. So, hummmmm I plan on calling her at the place she is now this Thursday night like I promised her, and I will ask if its okay for people to call her cell. Its so hard keeping up communications with the family because Sue says one thing, her son says another, then Iris says something different. She can be understood, but I can tell its exhausting for her to talk. I will let cha know hun!!! Hugs, Kari
    hi sharon.
    i spotted you and wanted to say a big hello.
    its been a while since we last spoke.
    how is your husband doing? and your health?
    not been in touch with bruce for about a year,will have to send him an email.
    take good care of each other (((hugs)))caroline
    Sharon, waving a big HELLO to you and sending you Prairie hugs this wonderful May morning!

    Thank you for the kind words. Yes, it is really good to have my son back. Let me know how Laryy's testing goes. The unknown is hard, but each of us help the other learn, and maybe that can lead to some answers too. (HUGS!) Diane
    hi sharon, i have been thinking about you and wondering how you and your husband are doing.
    i hope everything is ok.
    i got a email from bruce last week,we talked about del. he has not heard anything from his wife for a while.
    rolex is fine and well looked after,bruce and his wife adore him.
    take good care dear friend. caroline
    hi sharon.
    i have not heard anything after sending him a email last week for more info.
    i think i will try calling traymore tomorrow,now he has his voice machine he may be able to answer my questions.
    i have been sending him a card every week.
    i will let you know if i can manage to get in touch with him.
    i hope you and your husband are doing ok,i know both of you are not well.
    thankyou for being a caring friend.
    hi sharon.
    del is ok and everything is well.
    his appointment was ok,got some lithium but he had to stop it as it made him feel weaker.
    the rn he has is brilliant and really puts his wife in place.
    his aide does alot more for him now like helping with showering.
    i will tell him tonight to email you asap.
    i do nag at him sometimes but he says he see,s it as constructive thinking,not nagging like his wife lol.
    how are you doing? i hope you are not too unwell.
    thankyou for being a friend.
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