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Aug 18, 2006
New Jersey
To those of you who are selling this used equipment.
Most of us who have this equipment were fortunate to be able to afford it or our medical insurance was good enough to cover the cost or it was given to us (maybe not the automobiles).
To all of you please, please consider giving it away. Pay forward its more rewarding then the money.

To mention no names, there is a power chair that has been used by 3 different pals of this forum it now has a name "The Brotherhood of the traveling chair" along with other equipment, these items have travel down the East Coast helping another one PAL after another. Please consider doing the same!

Thank you

Donna H
Barnegat, New Jersey
As luck would have it for some of our members, this has been happening. I can see though not being able to afford to give away the high price items. Most of us know ALS is a costly disease The one left behind usually needs all they can get from the sale of vans, power chairs. Some are wealthy, but I don't recall reading about too many Fortune 500 CEO's having ALS. Or maybe they just don't come here.

"The Brotherhood of the Traveling Chair" will continue, whether it be east coast or west coast or in-between!

May this chair bring happiness to many more in need!

My husband wants to get an engraved plaque for the chair! His sister is in the sign business and can do it for free! We will engrave the names of every pALS that have used the chair, as is his plan.

We are so grateful to those that saw fit to give this equipment away!

You're right Al, it costs so much, and we are thankful to those that are able to do this sort of thing!
I think that is a wonderful idea, CJ. Donnah has a good reminder, too, if the family can afford it. :-D

I know that this disease is costly. And I understand the desire to "recoup some of your losses", but I also would like to let you know that there are some of us here battling this disease with NO options. I don't have retirement or savings to tap into (I spent that going back to college 6 years ago). I'm a single mom, living on approximately 1/3 of the money I made when I worked and I have a young son at home who is also disabled (Fragile X Syndrome, autism, physical health issues). I'm not a lazy fact I planned to work until I dropped.

I need a very reliable mini-van with a ramp. Can I get a loan or buy one? No way.

So, if you're reading this and you feel led to pay it forward, think about those of us who cannot have anything resembling a 'normal' life because of financial limitations. We have no other options (our town's accessible bus system has very limited hours).

Sorry if this sounds like a "sob story". I don't intend it as such. In fact, if you visit my website, you'll see that I don't sit around feeling sorry for myself. I do want people to think beyond "I need to build up my retirement account again" though.

Give and you shall receive.



I LOVE your site..........I am so proud of you and think that you are a great inspiration to all here, God Bless you and I love your children.........I think that your a special person and GOD has a special place for you........You are truly an angel here on earth..
Much Admiration,

I'm far from an angel, but I'm trying to do the best with the hand I've been dealt. God has been INCREDIBLY faithful to me throughout this journey and I am blessed in so many ways I can't begin to count!

Thanks for the kind words and for the prayers (those are most important of all)!


ALS Guardian Angels

Thanks for the suggestion... I've been in contact with Stu and he's "looking" but, as you can imagine, the need is far surpassing the resources. Stu took on a Herculean task, but he can't do it unless people like the loved ones of PALS who have passed decide to PAY IT FORWARD.



I hope all works out for you

Prayers ALWAYS appreciated

I have faith that God will supply all my needs and He will do it through His children who hear His voice and obey. I am blessed beyond measure! Prayers are always welcome:wink::wink:
Thanks for the info on "The Brotherhood of the Traveling Chair". I've had a couple of vans that had been donated, that travel from one family to the next.
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