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  • saw your post about wheelchairs, and just wondering how exactly that the F3 is tippy. Your comment made me concerned about getting one, but I like the permobil brand. I don't really want to switch to a quantum. I am eligible for a new chair from Medicare. Thanks!
    Steve, I respect all your sage advice on energy conservation. I know you’ve had low respiratory numbers but also have low CO2. So I’m curious whether or not you are on some type of BiPAP machine.
    Part 2. Recently got a Quantum center drive, thru a medical supply co.,covered by Medicare. It is 450 lbs and seems worthless for us, it doesn't work as well as the EZ and I'm afraid to take it anywhere for fear of getting it stuck. It loses traction on the gravel trying to climb a 3/4" step into the garage or a 1 inch dip in the lawn when the casters remove too much weight from the drive wheels. The rep. is talking wider tires and larger casters for the Quantum. I also have access to an old rear drive unit, but the custom seat with lift/tilt cannot be moved to the other pwc. I'm leaning towards not using the Quantum and using the EZ Lite as long as it will work, after that we stop traveling. But I'm also open to paying out of pocket for a WHILL model M if it will work better for us. But I'm also hoping you have some other suggestions that I should investigate. Thanks in advance for any assistance and Happy Holidays.

    Larry Day
    Steve, as the PWC expert maybe you can offer some insight with my wife's wheel chair needs. 1st, we do volunteer work and spend 3 wks at a time in our RV for 4-6 times per year. We work at places with not the worst terrain but also not all flat pavement. I have a toyhauler RV with a 12 ft 'garage' and ramp, so I can carry any pwc. But I cannot transport a std pwc in the tow vehicle. Our first pwc is an EZ Lite, it works ok and if it gets stuck, I can handle it. I can carry it in the RV, truck or car. Our property is not suited for a heavy pwc a gravel driveway and irregular lawn. Part 1 end.
    Hi Steve,

    My son and I are headed to Denver this weekend and I wanted to see if you had any issues with the altitude. I'm sure since you live there you are accustomed to the lack of oxygen at higher elevations but we are coming from flat-as-a-pancake Indiana. My FVC is in the high 50s to low 60s and I will have my Trilogy with me at all times but I'm not sure that will help with the low oxygen levels. We plan to go to Rocky Mountain National Park for a couple of days while we are there. Any other suggestions in the Denver area that you would recommend?

    Thank you in advance for any information you could provide.

    Wes Shealey

    PS I'm a hobby photographer and love your work. I will post some of my pics when I return.
    Advice please! I've read that my Quantum Q6 is not suppose to get wet! I have a dentist appt Wed and the forecast is 80% chance of rain. How do you shield your PWC from the elements? Thanks, Deb
    Hi Steve,
    Love reading about your adventures. We are headed to the grand canyon and Flagstaff next week. Any areas you think are best for seeing from pwc?

    Keep rolling!
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