power chair

  1. T

    Rectal burning sensation (sorry to be so blunt)

    Does anyone have trouble with rectal burning made worse when sitting in the power chair? Multiple cushion combinations have been tried and every over the counter remedy has been tried. Prescription level lidocaine and pain relievers including Norco. I'm currently on gabapentin and Lyrica in...
  2. E

    Won't go to the Hospital Bed!

    Cals here. Husband dx in 2013. For the last two years, he has lived in a recliner (sleeping there). Of course, goes to the power chair when need be. But, now he has zero neck muscles and needs suctioning several times a day. We have a wonderful hospital bed with all the bells and whistles...
  3. Buckhorn

    Permobil Corpus F3, FWD power chair; loaded. $4,000.

    Excellent condition. Front wheel drive, with solid, non-puncture tires. Good for outdoor use, as well as having a reasonably small turning radius, making it a good choice for more than just indoor use. This wheelchair probably has less than 6 miles on it (IDK how to check). It has some cosmetic...
  4. W

    Permobil M300 power chair

    Permobil M300 power chair features power tilt, power recline, power elevating legs, and power seat elevator; Roho seat cushion, new battery 2017, other add-ons. For tall person. New in 2012. $2,500 or best offer.
  5. 2

    New and need guidance

    My dad was diagnosed with PLS a couple of years ago. For reasons I don't need to go into, his current living situation is going to change very soon, and my sister and I intend to have him live in our homes on a shared basis. I live 5 hours away from my dad and my sister's family, so...
  6. Lkaibel

    A Long, Slow Downhill Roll...

    My husband called me up today at work and said that he was not going to be able to let our housekeeper in because no matter how he tried he would not turn the doorknob. He DID end up getting the door open. A Life Alert is coming our way, and that will have a key box on the front of the door and...
  7. J

    Travel Tips

    I will be traveling out of the country with my family in February. This will be my first family trip since my walking, standing has deteriorated. We have rented a Air BNB as I thought this would give me more privacy and space from our boys and my husband could help me with dressing and getting...
  8. C

    Altering Pants?

    Hello, I'm in my power chair full time and have read about altering the crotch/backside of pants to make toileting easier. Before I start cutting away on my clothes (I'm having a hard time with this one...) I think I will start with some yoga or sweat pants. Any suggestions or ideas to...
  9. B

    New Member

    Hello. I’m a leg gal (i.e lower limb onset). I was diagnosed a year ago, but the first symptom was more than four years ago, when, after a fall, my swollen ankle didn’t heal right. Turned out to be a drop foot. I went from walking with a cane, to getting a brace, a walker and finally a...
  10. tripete

    Equipment Recomendations

    As things progress more and more gadgets are needed. I have lost most of my muscle control to hold in bowel movements or to push them out. Is there a Portable Bidet that people use when out? If so please recommend one. I have lost a lot of my trunk and neck strength and end up leaning/falling...
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