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  • Happy New Year Frank !! Hope you are doing ok. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you.
    Frank did I read you are in hospital? If so tell me where and I will visit. Call me if you need something, I am still mobile and get around. Still working to avoid boredom. I will make time for you, just call. Auf Wiedersehn 404-277-3191
    Frankb how are things? If I can help just ring me. I am not busy with my company over the summer and have some free time to help. 4042773191
    Vicki, Vicki, Vicki ! ! ! How great to hear from you and I really appreciate your thinking of me. Just discovered the "humor" thread and will try to add something occasionally. Unfortunately, can't type as well these days. Really appreciate your thoughtfulness!
    Thanks for the message. I had an EMG in October which was normal and I had one last week that showed chronic reinnervation changes in three muscles in my left arm. They'd have to see acute stuff going on too to be concerned, right? I am faxing my medical records over to Dr. Glass' staff to see if he'll see me. My thumb is atrophied and noted by doctors and my left arm is weaker every day. Hand is very clumsy too but I havent dropped things or been unable to lift yet.
    I find out this week if I get in at Mass General. Your post was spot on, and glad to know you got in past the two year window.
    Happy you are ok. Good luck in getting into your trial. I will have my fingers crossed for you.
    Hi Frank

    Haven't seen you on the jokes thread lately. Are you doing ok? Just want ed you to know I was thinking about you and miss you. take care. hugs.
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