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Aug 9, 2005
I am 35, female and think I may have ALS. It started with 2 major episodes of vertigo beginning 6 years ago, 2 years apart. I still feel slightly dizzy whenever I go to bed, this happens from time to time. Last year I experienced twitching on one eyelid and my back along with my hands freezing up for seconds while doing laundry. Also I felt my speech couldn't keep up with my what I was trying to say. I went to a neurologist (to rule out MS) who did a compare/contrast (?) mri and found nothing he said. I read the report and it stated spondylolysis, minimal grade I anterolisthesis, mild neural foraminal stenosis, C5-6 mild disc protrusion/herniation,. . I feel bugs crawling on my skin every once in a great while. The only muscle pain I feel is as though someone punched me in the arm, this occurs once in a while. Now for the past few months I feel my throat closing up, I am slurring my words, choking on water or other liquids, and also tripping on my right foot. You know that feeling when you're walking and you trip and realize you are not picking your feet up (like laziness). Also I have hot flashes in my right foot. I thought the throat closing was anxiety because I was feeling like I was not breathing well, having to tell myself to breathe. The other day I felt I did something to my hip muscles, My legs were in much pain and I felt I couldn't walk, but of course I could and did. I have slight arthritic pain in my hands and lower back pain Please help me anyone, I really can't breathe thinking about the possibility of ALS. Also how do you tell the difference between MS and ALS?
ALS won't be diagnosed by the neurologist until emg's and nerve conductivity tests are done... and possibly a second opinion. The MRI is used to rule out other possibilities. Do you have follow up appoinments with your neurologist for these tests? Also they do a quick test by running a thumb up the bottom of your foot to see which way your toes curl... it's all very scientifical!
There are many medical disorders that approximate ALS and there are not many people here who will know what your MRI report means... might be wise to just ask your neurologist to see whether he/she are looking at ALS given that some of your symptoms are consistent with that. There's no sense in jumping to conclusions that haven't been established yet.
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