please help

  1. R

    Breathing Problem

    My wife sometimes at night or day depends on the position of complaining about breathing problems, always helps open the window, today I arranged for a oxygen concentrator. We don't know anout any result becouse she has stared use from 30min. Are there any other methods to improve breathing? I...
  2. C

    Please Help with symptoms

    Hey everyone, I’ve been doing lots of research and not getting good information from my doctors - and it’s gotten to a point where I’m getting extremely anxious/scared and just need help and opinions from others. So I suffer from muscle atrophy and weakness in my left side (notably my left...
  3. M

    I have real weakness - please help

    I haven’t been here in a while. Busy having kids and all that. I had a baby six months ago and have not really been paying attention to myself. I have noticed thought that I am unable to lift things with my right arm when it is extended I’m a certain way. I became curious so I tried lifting...
  4. I

    help interpret emg results

    is this emg indicative of als? ive been having symptoms tjat have been progressing for this past year, those symptoms being right hand and right feet weakness, all around twitching, thank you so much for your time i have attached my emg result if someone can please help me find some answers...
  5. H

    Please help set my mind at ease.

    Last December I noticed that my lower arms, wrists and fingers felt a bit weaker. I seem a lot more clumsy with my hands, knocking things over often and dropping things a lot. I went to the doctors and she did a standard neuro test that was normal. Pushing on her hands, squeezing her fingers...
  6. J

    I feel alone and need guidance and help.

    Hello my Name is John 27 and I can really use som help and guidance, I’ve never been in such a hole in my life. A week and a half ago Thursday I noticed this twitch in the bottom of my lip and for the most part would not go away. It started to get stressed out about it googling symptoms and...
  7. A

    Please help.I need a opion at least!!

    Hello everyone, and sorry for my thread.It took me while to get the nerve to post here because i really think the best of you wonderfull people, but i am very freaked out. It all started 2 months ago when i got some fasciculation on my right upper leg.Since than, i started to have widebody...
  8. P

    6 months ago, very worried, please help

    Hi, 4-5 months ago I was posting here explaining my symptoms, the situation is more difficult now. When I use my arms I feel tired in the muscles, I have fasciculations, mostly in my two arms, I feel something weird in the diaphragm, in the right and left sides, near to my shoulders. Since...
  9. A

    very worried :( please help

    Hi everyone, I am sorry to be a bother.. I am very worried.. I have been twitching body wide now for about 6 months. I noticed that I have this flicker in one spot of my tongue which looks like a twitch... of course I went to good ole google for videos and I see that that flicker could be a...
  10. M

    25 years old - BFS has become something more - please help

    Hello all and thank you in advance. My name is Mike. I'm 25 years old, turning 26 next month. Surprisingly, in the face of what I wholeheartedly believe is an onset of ALS, I'm doing an okay job of trying to stay calm, but still very worried. I've always had an odd anatomy. God gave me a bit...
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