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  1. ReginaS

    breathing difficulties

    Hi all, My PALS describes that he has the feeling that the air passages in his head (above throat) are not staying open but collapse or close when his head is in certain positions. Do you know what is happening? He is uncomfortable lying down, elevated lying on one side is OK - on the other...
  2. C

    6 months in, new symptoms

    I posted to this forum a few months ago after my symptoms started. At that time I had neck stiffness and pain, body wide twitching but constant in my lower legs and some swallowing problems. Symptoms have come and gone over the past 3 months. My neck pain and stiffness dissipated. My...
  3. T

    Dad Dancing Again in Heaven

    My Dad slipped away peacefully on Wednesday, Jan. 30. ALS took his ability to move, to swallow, to speak, and finally to breathe, but it didn't take his joy or his strong faith. Diagnosis was the end of December 2017, though he'd had symptoms for at least two years prior. Possibly...
  4. B

    MIL Diagnosed

    My MIL started showing symptoms in June 2018. It started with back pain and slurred speech and progressed from there. In August she needed a cane to walk, and by September a walker. We had began seeking answers from her PCP and a Neurologist who couldn't give us any answers. The only thing...
  5. S

    Update - 12/24/18 - Extreme bulbar worries

    Hello everyone...I hope everyone is having a good Christmas season. I wish I could say the same. It's been almost 6 months since I have been here. Some things have gotten better and some a lot worse/terrifying. I was hoping to never have to come back here but my situation has dictated I do...
  6. K

    PALs Losing Tastebuds?

    Hello, all, Anyone else have the experience of their PAL losing their sense of taste? Today I asked my mother how she liked the new seedless jam I got her. She said she had no idea. She can't taste most of her food. She did not have bulbar onset, but she is starting to have more bulbar...
  7. A

    Bulbar symptoms

    I know I have posted here in the past and I’m sure that will not fare well with many who have graciously taken the time to answer me in the past. Basically have been having the sensation of food going up my nasal passage with swallowing of liquids and solids. No choking, no coughing just can...
  8. Vincent


    I had a rather strange episode last night, I was sleeping in my recliner last night and woke up choking(not fun with a bipap on). I have had reflux for years, however I either burped or had one episode of reverse peristalsis. Not really worrisome except I aspirated stomach contents ( vomit ). My...
  9. N

    what to do when...

    My PALS can't sip liquids or eat applesauce to get his pills down? I see him struggle now to suck the fluid through the straw and have asked the palliative nurse how he can take his meds if he can't swallow them this way and she said we just don't give them to him if they don't come in a...
  10. R

    Is this depression or something else

    My pals began a new behavior last week. She has been dealing with a lot of losses - speech, ability to swallow food, choking on pheglm etc. and started sleeping more and more. Sleeps 11 hours at night. Gets up and tries to drink a little coffee, goes to bathroom then gets back in bed. Family...

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