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Mar 28, 2007
I was wondering if the following that I am experiencing may be early symptoms of ALS:

o Excess saliva
o Mild localised twitches of muscles (fasciculations?) that occur frequently in different muscles all over my body
o Pins and needles in my arm(s) when I wake a night
o Some trouble getting my tongue around some words when I read my daughter her books at night. Probably wouldn’t be noticeable to an onlooker
o The feeling that when food lands on the back of my tongue that it some times slips down before I am ready

These symptoms are fairly vague and mild at the moment; the first two would be the most obvious and tangible.

I have a history of anxiety but it has been under control for many years know. I have just come of a Prozac style antidepressant; so I guess that may be attributing to my anxiety. I know some of these symptoms can be anxiety related. My GP has told me I don’t have ALS and it is just anxiety. However, I think he is influenced by my history. Normally fears about my health are alleviated when a doctor says everything okay. In this case I just can’t shake the worry. He has referred me to neurologist for peace of mind.

I am interested I ay feed back anybody has. I will let you know how I get on at the neurologist.
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