Health anxiety?

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Apr 17, 2024
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I started having some weird symptoms in the last few days which I’d like to ask about. However, I have serious health anxiety which I developed in the last few months due to a trauma.

I’ve started having back pain in my lower back for 2 weeks now, it feels hot, and stiff and it burns. Now my middle of my back feels a bit stiff as well. My eyes twitching has come back. My lower arm and hands started burning, feel like a bit stiff and tingling/numbing. Also, my legs and feet feel like the same way sometimes. I don’t really have muscle cramps. I’m feeling a little weaker, but nothing disturbing. Should I be concerned about that?

I’ve talked to the neighbouring clinic and they sent me further to physiotherapy, but that’s all.

During the weekend, I googled everything that I could, even though I know I shouldn’t have done that. It has made me worrying that I could have ALS. I’m loosing control and feeling totally lost. I’m sorry about my post, I didn’t know where to ask.
You have answered all your own questions.
Stop googling. Keep living.
There is no reason to think of ALS or anything like it. Let the physio evaluate you and go from there.
If you have anxiety, it can affect your sleep, which can affect how your body feels, moves, and twitches. And sometimes, good sleep is as close as a better mattress or pillow.
So if you need more or better counseling, this is the time to get it. When you are calmer, it will be easier to see what your physical issues, if any, might be, and how they can best be addressed.

Sorry for bothering again, but everything is getting worse, despite I’m trying to work on my health anxiety (gad). I don’t have clinical weakness, but I lost 4 kgs in 1.5 weeks and feeling weak, my body is shaking all the time. My fingers feel stiff and weak, I barely can hold my phone. It seems that I’m loosing muscle everywhere. I have twitches everywhere, but mostly on the left side. Also my muscles feel soft in my legs, in my bottom, even if I wanna flex them. My back muscles look disappearing, same about my chest and arms, especially the left one. I wake up every morning with numbness in arms and legs, and with a hot sensation, and then I still have the pins, pinches, tingling sensations. And I forgot to mention the inner vibrations in the legs.
I had a check up last week, doctor found everything fine. She took a blood test, and my (p)-myoglobin came back elevated. I still have no news from the clinic. I’m in the rabbit hole, and it feels my boyfriend is giving up. I don’t know what to do, since my local clinic doesn’t really believe me, It’s just getting worse. I really wanna believe it’s only my mental state, but something feels wrong.
I feel so shameful for asking for advice, so I’m really sorry about it.

Thank you

You won't get any different advice than what you were provided the last time you posted. If you feel there have been changes, we always advise people return to their physician so they can observe what you are experiencing. You again list things not associated with ALS, so your focus on it is a sign that you will need to find some tools to alleviate anxiety too.

I will be closing this thread, as we have provided you as much help as we are able. This is something you must keep working with your doctor to figure out.

Take care
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