Teusday's Emg Meeting

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Mar 5, 2007
As I Wrote On My Previous Letter Titled Something Neoromuscular .my Neuro Called Me In For A Special Meeting Because Of Changes On My Emg. The Results Have Shown Motor Neron Damage This Was My 3rd Emg At This Facitity Which Is A Certified Als Clinic.for Some Time I Have Shown Slowly Progressive Clinical Sighns .and I Have Been Suspecting Als For Along Time. I Will Have One More Meeting In October 2 With All 10 On Staff Nerologist So They Can Talk And Examine Me. The Evolution In My Case Was Extra Rare Because With Clinial Sighns A Positive Emg Go Hand And Hand.but There Are Some Exeptions .i Walk Slowly And Light Exercise Slowly. And Use Cane On Extended Walk.the Clinic Has Shown Compassion And Resect For All I Have Been Enduring The Last 2+ Years.they Have Ruled Out All Als Mimic Syndroms[. But Because Of The Uniquness Of My Case They May Do One More Emg For Consience Sake.one Day At A Time.god Knows For Sure,i'm Pretty Darn Sure,the Doctors Just Want To Double Check.any Questions I'll Try To Respond I Have Access To Compuer Twice Or Three Times A Week.god Bless All Of You Generals In This Battle Of The Ages.victory Is In Our Sight.
Sean, I am really sorry this is happening to you. It seems there are a couple of you with special cases here. Pat also has a very unusual case of als. Hopefully the docs will come up with something and be able to help your condition. It seems you are taking this day by day and hanging in there. I will be praying for you. ~Leslie
My first Emg was in l999 Neg I had a single fiber in 2000 Neg I had 5 more in 2005 neg and now I will have one in Nov. Remember a neg EMG means nothing if a cllinical exam is Positive as in my case. However a EMG that is positive does give a indication of some damage From what and where must come from the neuro and clinical exam.Pat

You seem to have the right atttitude to fight this illness, whichever it turns out to be. I will keep you in my prayers and ask for yours as well. I am not certain as to the reasons why your case is unique. Are you saying there are no clinical signs for ALS, but abnormal EMGS?

As you know, there is always the possibility of a misdiagnosis, so it's a good idea to pursue all options.
Hi Sean, I am sorry your condition has progressed to this point. THe fact that it is slow-moving gives room for hope. Maybe they will come up with a cure while you are on your journey. Please keep in touch. Regards, Cindy
To Vmd

Just For Clearification There Have Been Clinical Sighns For Over A Year Now And Just Teusday The Emg Suggested Lmn Damage I've Had Umn Sighns For Almost 2 Years

I see. Thanks, I should have read your first post more carefully. Keep us posted on what the neuros say.
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